Saturday, February 18, 2012

My funny Valentines

I decided that we were going to be ambitious and try and actually make Valentines for her friends. It's been rainy and overcast for a few weeks now so we are really searching for projects to keep us busy during the day. There are 24 kids in her class and amazingly I only had to bribe her one time to keep on going. I am continually reaffirmed that we are raising a little lawyer. Her negotiations skills just keep getting better and better.

The conversation went like this:

Mommy- "Emmy let's do 6 more and then we'll play. "
Emmy -" I just don't have any time mommy. No time. That's a lot. I just don't have any time. "

Mommy - "Ok, how about six more and a mint."

Emmy - (Quick contemplation) "Ok Mommy I have time. Four? I do four and a mint." (this was complete with emphatic hand gestures.
Mommy - "No, how about five. Let's do five. "
Emmy -(Contemplating again. )Six and a sucker.

What could I do, I caved. Here they are! They are pretty good for a three year old decorating 24 valentines!
We took all those Valentines to her party at school. It's a cookie decorating party, which means and Icing eating part to Emmy. She ate most of the icing directly off the spoon it came on, put enough icing on the cookie to appease me,licked it off, and ran away to find ANOTHER juicebox. I have never seen anyone with a bigger sweet tooth. I seriously think she's worse than me! Here's Emmy and her school bestie, Bianca.

We traditionally have a little scavenger hunt when you wake up first thing on Valentine's day, but Blake is waking up SO early to go to work, we decided to do it after the party. I usually spend a ton of time doing this and then she doesn't care, so this year I went easy. Poor Beckett just had to deal with a princess theme this year. At leasy he got Blue crowns.
Of course this year she was totally into it. She ran around squealing trying to find the clues. Of course, this may have just been about the candy. She is OBSESSED! After the hunt, Blake cooked me a yummy dinner. Look at these fancy potatoes!

Beckett even got to taste a little of the pie. I think he liked it a LOT!
Happy Valentines!