Saturday, September 05, 2009

Milestones! Milestones!

Milestone 1: It's official! For the past three days Emmy has taken four or five steps at a time without holding on to anything! Of course we don't have it on video. You think she would actually walk when the camera was out?

Milestone 2: We FINALLY have a tooth! You can't see that on camera yet either, but you can feel it with your finger! I was beginning to worry if we'd be in the early denture club for kids who never get teeth.

Milestone 3: We had our first "two visits to the doctor in one week" week. She has a cough that won't go away but no fever and no signs that she doesn't feel well. When you add a new tooth and cough syrup with codeine on top of that, it all adds up to one not so fun week.

Milestone 4: Emmy finally found the toilet paper. She LOVES the toilet. Yes, I just typed that. For some reason she always wants to climb it and try and play. GROSS! Yes, this is a secret habit that Emmy and I hide from Blake. You think the cleanest man in the world would stand for this =)

Yes, I took the toilet paper out of her mouth after I stopped filming. She was NOT happy. (I watched an Untold Stories of the ER one time where a girl was admitted becasue she ate 4 rolls of toilet paper a day. We're going to try and prevent that from being us.

Finally- In Birthday news, Happy 2nd Birthday to Kyla Bruns! We went to her fun playland Minnie Mouse birthday party today! Emmy was a little young to play on all the fun stuff, but we'll have to visit again next year. All the kids were going crazy!