Sunday, March 28, 2010

Closing out the Birthday Month

We finished up the marathon month of birthdays this weekend with Keith's at Tokyo Steak and Sushi and the close-out of Blake's birthday week with the traditional Maggiano's Desert Gallergy night. Yes, we did both of these in the same day.... PIGLETS!!!!! We would like to start this blog off with a symbol of this month..eating-wise... yes, that's a big fat stinking pile of lard... about half which went into our lunch... This is how much Blake and I have gained in the month-of-birthdays. Here's the the Merry Month of P90X to follow....

We started off at Tokyo Steakhouse for a litte Bennihana-ish experience. We thought Emmy might like it. WRONG, she was terrified. For some reason, the shrimp throwing and onion volcano were not her thing. She did get lots of good cousin time in though! Happy 38th Keith!

In between pig outs we went to Katy Mills to see if the Easter Bunny would be like Santa. We didn't have very high expectations. Emmy did GREAT! We even managed to sneak her and Abby into one and got two smiles. It's a miracle!
After an hour or so of not eating =) we headed over to Maggiano's. Here's Blake blowing out the last candles of his twenties... goodbye young guy, hello old man! We were so full that we only shared a cupcake at Desert Gallery. Like we needed anything at all!
No more eating for a while.. blah! We made it through the Marathon month of March and we're headed for Easter! Here comes the bunn