Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trunk or Treat

I have been all excited to get the kids all dressed up in thier Halloween costumes and go to our first real "event" of the season, Trunk or Treat at the church. I have one little princess and one little pea. (Yes he actually let me put this on him!) Silly me, thinking that this Halloween would be any different from last year, I mean, look at the enthusiasm just oozing out of this picture!

The church had it set up very cute where the kids had to play games for their candy, but the kids just weren't feeling it. If you know anything about Emmy, you know that it was all pretty much over after she got the first sucker. This is how she looked for the rest of the night. (Because nothing says pretty princess like falling off crown, orange sucker face, and goopy stick hanging out the side of your mouth.)
We're going to call this a trial run because we have two more costume events before the big day. Hopefully Cinderella will get a LITTLE more excited or we may be doing the real trick or treating in our PJs =)


We had a couple of big first over the past two weeks!

Emmy had her first day of baby ballet and she LOVED it. She did lots of floor work with her mouth hanging wide open. Aside from a little time when she hung like a monkey from the ballet barre, she did really well. She liked tap a lot more than ballet though. I guess we'll see as the year goes on. She sure is one CUTE ballerina though!

Beckett also decided to get happy and give us his first "official" smile picture. He's been smiling for about a week before this but FINALLY let me get it on camera. Xantax is a VERY VERY good medicine. Over the past few weeks he talks more and more (but just won't let me get it on camera) and is fairly giving with the smiles, but I will always cherish this first one =)