Friday, July 15, 2011

GIrl Time!!!

Since there's lots of little ones coming soon, we decided that another girl's trip was in order before their arrival. We got adventorous this time and decided to go all the way to Dallas! Unfortunately, Lauren couldn't come at the last minute. We missed her, but we forged ahead!

We headed out to the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, and got as far the Woodlands before deciding to stop. We were hungry! Almost two hours and twenty bucks a piece (yikes!) we FINALLY headed out.. until we decided we needed ice cream. Emergency Dairy Queen Stop!!! Then we were getting sleepy so we managed to find a cute little coffee shop in Corsicana (who knew?) called Two Doors Down. They actually made Bets a vanilla frap and me a decaf tea (Current obsession) AND they took our picture.

So since it took us about six hours to get to Dallas (oh well) we were obviosuly VERY hungry! We decided to make it a night at the hotel and check out the Mexican restauraunt. Michelle broke Rule #1 (DO not look directly at the mariachis) and guess who hightailed it over to our table.

After dinner Michelle made a quick exit and Betsy and I checked out some of the shops. We headed back up to the room only to find a "girls trip Sprinkle" for me! Of course, the sprinkle was complete with homemade goodies AND cupcakes brought all the way from Houston. These girls are such amazing friends! I (and Beckett) am spoiled rotten.
The next day, and really the whole trip, we dedicated to things you can't do with a two year old. We slept late, put on our suits, ate a lesiurly breakfast and headed out to the pool. We read, took cat naps, and sipped on Nada Coladas. Later we headed over to the lazy river, which turned out to be not so lazy and full of things that dump water on your head and squirt you in the face. No thanks.
The next day we headed out to downtown Grapevine for some "cute little store" shopping.

Shopping in the 105 degree heat is only fun for so long, so we headed in to Dallas for some shopping, Mi Cocina, and to finally see Bridesmaids. After the movie we realized that it had been about an entire day since we ate ice cream so we stopped at a place called Brams. GOOOD choice! Betsy opted for the double dip scoop dipped in chocolate, I got the single dip and Michelle got a cup (lame!) Everyone who worked at Brams just really enjoyed being there (heavy sarcasm here) but the good news is that meant they just dumped the chocolate all over the dip cones!

I left girl's trip 2011 pretty freaking relaxed, a little (or a lot) fatter, and seriously happy that these ladies are still in my life =) We're already planning the next one!