Saturday, December 12, 2009

Where did a year go?

Emmy is officially 1!!!!! Since we had her big party last weekend, we decided to make today a little more low key. We started off the day in a not so fun way at the doctor getting her one year shots. Unfortunately, we've got ANOTHER ear infection. We're about one away from getting tubes at this point. The GOOD news is that her head is no longer off the charts! It's still growing but we've moved to only 80%! The doctor actually told me that "we don't like to see heads keep growing for too long, so if it's still growing at 15 months we'll start discussions." I assured her that she comes from a family of GIGANTIC nogs so I wasn't all that concerned. In other statistics news, she's now 30.5 inches long (90-97th%) and 23.7 lbs (75-90%). She's growing and growing!

We decided we might try to beat the crowds at the mall and head over to see Santa at the mall. Now at Easter I complained and complained about the Easter bunny picture lady because she let everyone take like 25 pictures and look at each one and pose and stand around. It meant we stood in line for forever. Well I guess they got a crapload of complaints because this lady gave you two shots and that's it. You better be looking because she's taking them and you're paying for wahtever you marked on your envelope rather you like it or not. Well fortunately, we didn't even have to worry about all that becasue Emmy absolutely positvively HATED Santa Claus. But look at the dude, something's just not right. He didn't say one word and I'm pretty sure that Santa is supposed to at least pretend to smile. This guy's just got a wonky eye and a yellow beard.... Emmy's not buying it. Yes, we paid 15 dollars for this picture. We're actually thinking about going ahead and using it for our Christmas card as planned. Man, there's just something not right about that Santa.
So after that fiasco we went home to let Emmy pick whatever she wanted to have for dinner. Right now she's in a phase that we like to call " Noodle-atarian." She refuses to eat anything unless it's a carb. So we decided to give her a gigantic plate full or noodles and a huge honkin block of cheese for dinner. Nutrious! She also polished off her plate of carbs with a sugar cookie. The WHOLE sugar cookie. but she did have a random pack of raisins. Hey, don't say I don't know anything about balanced nutrition.
I had to inlcude this video. Since she is a noodleatarian now, she's developed a very particular way that she eats her favorite dinner. She'll just sit and be completely quiet and slurp and slurp and slurp. And I'm dumb, so I videoed with the camera sideways... just tilt your head to the left and you'll never know the difference =)

Monday, December 07, 2009

It's My Party!

Emmy's 1st Birthday party last weekend was a huge success! Thank you to all the family and friends that came to celebrate!!! We really appreciate all of you coming to celebrate our special girl with us especially since most of you traveled (From katy or Port Neches) to be with us.
Blake compared it to the day we got married. His recap...." I was smiling, I was talking to all these people I haven't seen in forever, we were cutting the cake, and then all of the sudden it was over. " I completey agree. And on that note.... IF YOU TOOK ANY PICS, WILL YOU SEND THEM TO ME? We were so busy running around we didn't get to take as many as we wanted with everyone....even though I think there's 500 pictures on this blog post ;)

Emmy has just recently starting "prissing." I put her over the top birthday tutu on last week just to make sure everything fit and she put her hands on her hips and starting prissing around the house! I guess little girls are born knowing how to priss. She LOVED the crown, well most of the time.

Emmy had a "gymnastics" party at K2 Academy. All the kids had a great time playing on the equipment. The big kids loved the zip lines and trampolines and the little kids hung out in the ball pit. Emmy LOVED the gigantic bouncy balls. There was so much fun stuff to play on for the older kids and they took in the trampolines, rings, and zip line.

We had quite a spread of food and cake. I always plan something that's completely within reason in my head and it ends up getting totally out of control pretty quickly.

Emmy was cutting not one, but TWO, teeth the day of her party and I fought her for an hour to make her take a nap and she finally won. This was her earlier in the day...

SO for a little girl with no sleep and two new teeth she did pretty good.... until the cake. We had been looking forward to this since we've been doing cupcakes every month. We thought she'd dig right in. This picture pretty much sums up the cake experience....
She finally calmed down a little bit and crammed a little icing in her mouth. She never actually made it to the cake but she did have a complete and total meltdown so we couldn't take any real "after"pictures with her.

She got into her gifts and would say "uuuuuuh" and point at everything we opened. This little girl is definetly loved. Thank you to everyone for the fun toys and cute clothes! She gets so excited when we pull a new one out.

After the party a few people went to have a quick dinner. I took this picture with the same kiddos at her baptism in March. It's amazing how much they've grown in the past year! Emmy and Benjamin couldn't even sit up and now look at them!

Kate, Lance, and Michelle came to spend the night and the girls had so much fun playing together. As you can see, three little girls means the house is a disaster, but it was so cute to see them playing together. How amazing is it I that I have friends I've known for 20 years and now all of our little girls are friends!

We feel so blessed that we have all of you to celebrate this special occasion with. Thank you so much for making this day special for us and for Emmy!

Snow Princess

Almost a year ago to the day, we got in the car to go to the hospital to have Emmy and it started snowing out of nowhere! It continued to snow that night as we were in the hospital. We even have pictures of me holding a snowball in my L&D room. Being the little diva that she is, we knew that she had waited so long past her due date to come becasue she was waiting to have some type of dramatic entrance into the world. What's better than snow in Texas?
We have been joking all year that we would have snow for her big 1st birthday party since she's our little snow princess. We even looked into having some made for the party. Well, lo and behold, here it was the day before her big party and look what happened, MORE SNOW!!! We're guess that at this point, Emmy not only controls us, but Mother Nature as well.
It snowed really hard in other parts of Houston, but it didn't even stick up here in Tomball. We managed to run outside and snap a few pictures while our little "flurries" were happening. If you look REALLY closely, you can see the tiny snowflakes on my coat and head =) It counts!

Turkey Day Numero Dos

We spent Turkey day with the Sansom's this year, instituting our first one family holiday. While we missed seeing Blake's family, we did enjoy not having the stress of having to drive all over Houston and not really seeing anyone except the car.
Emmy helped make the dressing. Mom justified this by saying that it would all go in the oven so any of the "nasties" that Emmy added would be baked off. She was so worn out from all this dressing making that she actually slept through lunch!
As usual, we all ate too much. Well, except my sister. Here's her pathetic Thanksgiving dinner plate... Emmy's was actually bigger I think!

Photographic evidence... I give it to Emmy!

Emmy ate so much of that plate that she not only had to unbutton her pants, she had to take them completely off =) It would be nice to have that option sometimes I think.
We also celebrated Sean's 26th bday! The desert Gallery will let you have half a cake, and it's really enough since there cakes are SO rich and yummy you can just eat a little bit. It just makes for some really funny pictures. My favorite part is that they squeeze Happy birthday onto the top. It looks like....happy birthday, here's your half eaten cake.

It was a nice relaxing holiday! We followed with a very successful Black Friday. We didn't haul Emmy out, but Blake and I woke up at 4 to head to Frys and Sears. We got a LOT of Christmas shopping, at the traditional Mexican lunch, and Mom and I closed down Macy's at 10 that night. Yes, it's absolutely insane, but we continue to do it every year! We're crazy! It's not Thanksgiving without it!