Friday, December 28, 2012

Aggie in training...

A proud day for Blake. We finally decided to risk it and take Emmy to her first Aggie game! We figured that we would make it maybe half a game at the longest, make ten trips to the bathroom, and packed a giant bag of distraction. We practiced all the yells on the way up and made sure she knew just what to do when.

Our first stop was to grab everyone some new gear! Of course the temperature dropped about 20 degrees overnight. Once we were all suited up, we headed over to the stadium. Emmy was pretty pumped from the minute we got there! We did a quick tour of the MSC before heading in to the stadium. 

She could barely wait to go see the field.

She was in to understanding what they were doing and Blake kept having her look for Johnny football. The best part had to have been when we did the War Hymn for the first time. Her eyes got giant and she just stared at what everyone was doing.

 I do have to say that it was REALLY nice to have a girl to talk to at the game. Someone who wasn't just in to talking stats. Turns out we were worried about nothing. We made it the ENTIRE game and she was engaged and paid attention the entire time. Blake was so proud.

Blake swears that she gave him the following recap the next day at bed. I'm thinking it might be a TAD embellished, but we'll let him have his moment..."Daddy, there was a red team and white team. The red team was the Aggies, and the white team was the Tigers. The best player was Johnny... He was #2. The Aggies won. The Tigers didn't win because they didn't have a Johnny on their team."

Turkey Day