Friday, December 12, 2014

Halloween with the Culdesac kids

We had our second annual Ember Sky block party this year for Halloween. It's been so nice to have so many kiddos on the street so that everyone has a friend. . When we moved in there was no one, and now there are 7. It will be fun to watch everyone grow and change over the years and see how their friendships develop. It is fun to imagine the proms, dances, and milestones ahead in these little guys futures.

We set up a movie for the kids outside and after trick or treating, and Emmy was the last kid standing at 10:30. Everyone was too tired to even sort the candy, so we did that the next morning. Another successful October in the books. On to more holidays!

3 month pictures

I thought that Sutton was starting to look less and less like Emmy but boy was I wrong. Here they are at 3 month. Pretty sure that could be the same kid.

Sutton's Baptism

We baptized Sutton on October 26th in The Element service at our church. We were so happy to celebrate with friends and family. She was just barely able to wear the same dress that Laura and I and Emmy were baptized in. Squeezed it a little close on this one!

She was a great baby during the ceremony, only fussing a little bit when the water hit her head. After the ceremony, she fell right asleep! In our hurry to get out of the chapel, I realized we never took a picture of just her in the dress. Might have to stage that later. Whoops!

During the ceremony, we used the verse Psalm 139:14, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made..." as the reading. The older I get and the more  I truly count my blessings. We are so amazingly blessed to have three beautiful children. They are continuously crazy, but they're here safely, and growing up so quickly.

Michelle is Sutton's godmother and Josh is her Godfather.

Trunk or Treat

Yep, we did it again. Just like we say we're not going to do every year. This year, Clara decided to join in the crazy.

(I like this picture because B is clearly over it)

Once we got there I snuck off with Sutton to take the last of the "Mom I hate my hot first Halloween costume pictures." She was so stinking adorable in this outfit. She looked like a teddy bear come to life. I got a little teary that this was the last first Halloween pic in the pumpkins. They are pretty  much the cutest things ever.

Once we unloaded, we headed out for the fun. The kids actually did really well.
In traditional style, B and Clara got a few pieces of candy and were pretty much done once they found that one special piece.

 and Emmy wanted to play each and every game.
I would say that overall it was a pretty pleasant experience =) hooray! Next year when there are 5 kids to wrangle, we'll see how it goes!

The SHARK! (a nice shark) starts Halloween early

Beckett knew he wanted to be a shark a long time before Halloween. Finding a non-hot shark costume was a bit of a chore, but I did it (walmart special) Then when I was finally getting ready for the party the night before I, of course, burned a hole in it. A little emergency "scar making" for the shark worked out ok. Love how I finally find a costume and then proceed to ruin it.

B got to start Halloween early with his costume parade and party at school. The costume parade is always a bit overwhelming for the little guys. There are a ton of mommies with cameras yelling. I guess a little like the red carpet. They slowly walk down the route with big eyes, not quite sure what the hell is going on.

This is B with his buddy Tyndall.

B really likes his class this year and has a lot of friends he plays with.

His best bud from last year, Connor, has been replaced by a girl!

Chandler is his new bestie. They evidently pick each other to hold hands with when they're line leader, sleep by each other everyday, and are pretty much inseparable. He even told me the other day out of the blue "Chandler's a cool girl." From what I can tell, B pretty much chooses to play with the girls in school. Poor little dude has been princess brainwashed. And since I'm still on leave, you know I made cute little Halloween gifts for the party. Imagine we won't be doing that for Christmas =)