Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Cupcakes: 2 Months

The tradition continues. These were a little better received.

This was the designer issue of "monthday" cupcakes- Polo outfit and Crave cupcakes. If we're going to be eating them anyway, they might as well be good =)

Beckett got his two month shots today and he was a little trooper. His latest stats:

Weight: 12.25 lbs ( 63.22%)

Height: 23.25 in (65.08%)

Head: 16.34 in (85.57%) We're still going up!!!! We'll be 99% by 4 months.

What Beckett's into:

*He's found his fingers and gnawing on them is his new favorite pastime.

*Blowing bubbles is a close second

*He's pretty giving with his smiles, especially after he eats and he will talk and talk and coo (He knows he's being cute though.)

*He LOVES to kick kick under the plaything and like his sister, it is MUCH more fun if he can kick off a blanket. When he REALLY gets into it, he makes the Zoolander face.

*He's still eating about every 4 hours and will sometimes go 5 at night.

*He likes to snuggle while sleeping and will usually wake up if you put him down. We're about to start working on this one =)


I'm going to be honest, by the time we actually got to Halloween this year, I'm a little burnt out. Maybe that has more to do with the fact that I'm still not sleeping a lot more than my holiday-spirit, but I was REALLY hoping it was more fun than last year. Thankfully it was!

We started out the day my glitter painting our tiny pumpkins. Nothing says Halloween like pink glitter pumkins! For your information there is a dog, a cat, and a dolphin on the bigger pumpkin. Of course, you could tell that. I was just making sure. They all tend to look the same.

We headed over to Megan and Keith's for the festivities. We started out at the neighboor's Halloween party/carnival. They have it set up so cute every year and all the kids come over to play games, earn prizes, and get thier face painted. Emmy was VERY in to earning token this year. Since Beckett wasn't having the best day, he opted for his skeleton costume and some snuggles. We'll count next year as his "first" trick or treating event. We headed out and Abby and Emmy couldn't wait to race and see who could ring the doorbell first. Emmy kept just inviting herself into people's houses and into the candy bowls. She also would say "To the next house!!!" everytime they would come back from the door.

There were a few scary things too. One how she said was REALLY scary. THis is her making her scary face in front of the house. She just sat there and stared at it for a long time quietly.

There was also a house that had a "gorilla" sitting by the front door. The kids came up and the "Gorilla" would jump out and scare them. Thankfully, the gorilla was smart enough NOT to jump out at the little girls or we might've had major issues, but it still made a BIG impression on Emmy. After that, she told EVERYONE she met, people at the door she was getting candy from, the nighboors, me, about the gorilla and about how scary it and the other "scary" house she saw was. This video doesn't really do justice to JUST how empatic she was about the gorilla, but at least she can tell you in her own words.

I'm officially DONE with Halloween. It was a fun October but I'm glad we're done =)

Halloween Weekend

We headed down to Galveston for Beckett's first overnight trip and some Halloween festivities (I've got to get my $50 out of this janky pea costume.) I finally got a "princess worthy" picture of Cinderella with a real smile.

It's a "noduh" that I am competitive, so of course we entered the costume contest. I think they planned for 20 people to be there and 500 showed up. It was total mass confusion. In spite of all that, Emmy did a great job! She walked across the stage, waved at everyone, and even blew a kiss or two! Beckett, on the other hand, was over it. Hot pea costume, 10000 people, and waking him up from a nap to put him in the hot pea costume equals another line of my mother-of-the year application. (The ONLY picture of the princess and the pea together.)When not being a $50 pea, Beckett rocked his hard core skeleton duds. It was taking WAAAY too long, so we just left without finding out the winners. This way we can pretend we won =) WE think we had the custest kids there so that's what matters =)

Monster Dance

Emmy is really getting in to dance. She's excited to go every week (ok all two weeks), so I think she's going to continue to love it. This week was the Halloween party and she got to wear her Cinderella costume again. This silly costume has a hoop skirt and she can't even get in her carseat in it, which means we have to put it on wherever we're going. I will NEVER do that again. Sparkle tennis are kind of like glass slippers =)Her class is teeny tiny, only two other girls. Here they all are with their teacher Ms. Carly.

She tought them a "monster dance" for the party that they performed for us. You can see that the one little girl, who is 4, is heads and tails above the other two little girls. Hopefully we'll get there =) For now, she has perfected the "leg scratching" move. (For some reason it didn't pick up the sound but the Monster Mash was playing.. just imagine it)