Friday, December 28, 2012

Aggie in training...

A proud day for Blake. We finally decided to risk it and take Emmy to her first Aggie game! We figured that we would make it maybe half a game at the longest, make ten trips to the bathroom, and packed a giant bag of distraction. We practiced all the yells on the way up and made sure she knew just what to do when.

Our first stop was to grab everyone some new gear! Of course the temperature dropped about 20 degrees overnight. Once we were all suited up, we headed over to the stadium. Emmy was pretty pumped from the minute we got there! We did a quick tour of the MSC before heading in to the stadium. 

She could barely wait to go see the field.

She was in to understanding what they were doing and Blake kept having her look for Johnny football. The best part had to have been when we did the War Hymn for the first time. Her eyes got giant and she just stared at what everyone was doing.

 I do have to say that it was REALLY nice to have a girl to talk to at the game. Someone who wasn't just in to talking stats. Turns out we were worried about nothing. We made it the ENTIRE game and she was engaged and paid attention the entire time. Blake was so proud.

Blake swears that she gave him the following recap the next day at bed. I'm thinking it might be a TAD embellished, but we'll let him have his moment..."Daddy, there was a red team and white team. The red team was the Aggies, and the white team was the Tigers. The best player was Johnny... He was #2. The Aggies won. The Tigers didn't win because they didn't have a Johnny on their team."

Turkey Day

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Disney on Ice

Emmy got a very special treat when GiGi treated her to Disney on Ice for her birthday. She even got to go to the Disney Store and pick out a brand new princess dress. She picked Rapunzel. 
 We got there and she was excited, but I don't think she really knew what the expect. Since we got there a little early, she had time to get acquainted with the ice and the stage.
 ok, we got there a LOT early.
 But that gave us time to get lots of stuff and a sno cone. I bet that she would love the flashy light and GiGi bet she would love the program. GiGi won. We pored over the program, used it throughout the show, and are STILL pouring over the program just about daily a month later. We've looked at all the ice skaters skates, guessed which one of the cast was which prince or princess,and named every single character on every page. Who knew that a program was SO entertaining.

We had fabulous seats. We really got an up close and personal look at the characters.

Emmy is a hard one to read. She's never going to gush or glow over something in the moment. The way you know she liked it that she keeps talking about it or bringing it up later. This one was a hit! We went home and made the barbies an ice skaing rink, and are still looking at the program daily.

I would say it was a hit!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

It's FINALLY halloween

I love me some Halloween, but I feel like every year it gets longer and longer.. that may have something to do with all the crap I try and cram in it, but I'm getting to where by the time it gets here, I'm ready for it to be done! We continued the tradition of heading over to Megan and Keith's to trick or treat with the cousins. 

 The first stop is always their neighboor's Ana and Robert's Halloween carnival. They have cute little games for the kids to play and they get coins to "buy" the prizes. Emmy was into this year, especially once she figured out she could save the coins to get the really big stuff. then she was like a machine, doing each one over and over and over until she could get a stuffed puppy, just what we need. This girl is GOAL ORIENTED! Here she is, mid shoot at about the 7th round of the nery shoot-y gun game.
 The kids had a good time eating candy and
 and Beckett had a good time eating Cheetos for dinner. (it's Halloween afterall)
Emmy is getting more and more picture adverse. The more pictures you want to take, the surlier and surlier she gets. She will get to the point of doing the fake smile or just standing there. That is why the best picture I have of her is with a hot dog bun in her mouth.
 After the carnival we headed out to trick or treat. I should've known that the monkey hat wearing was too good to be true. Two steps in he was yanking on it and screaming....

 and similar to his sister, once he snacked a sucker (no one will fess up to giving it to him) it was all over. We tried to get him to get interested in getting the candy, but he was having none of it. Two houses in, we gave up and took the sweaty (did I mention that it was about 80 degrees, ugh!) monkey home.
 The other kids did some SERIOUS trick or treating. We made the entire loop of the neighborhood and they ran from house to house and we have to stop them a few times from going up to houses with no candy. No fear this year ,,,,Except from whatever Abby was explaining in this picture ;)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving! (spoiler: the kids don't care (again))

Attempt number 3 for me at FUN! Halloween activities that no one seems to care about. I decided that yes, we were going to carve pumpkins. Emmy took one look at the pumpkin guts and said.. no way. 

B stuck his hand in once to retrieve his spoon, and after that she and B took turns putting acorns in a bowl while Blake and I carved the pumpkin.

 They wouldn't even take pictures. Seriously people! I give up! 

Trunk or Treat

We decided to go ahead and brave Trunk or Treat again this year. Last year it was fun, but TOO chaotic and claustrophobic. Even though B was coughing up a lung and it was about 90 degrees I stuffed him in his monkey suit. Look how CUTE! 

And we gave my first and ONLY attempt at a homemade costume a trial run. Emmy is a butterfly this year and within two second she declared it "itchy" and told me she wasn't wearing it anymore. This seems to be a recurrent theme. Maybe she'll be a 4 year old next year and wear her regular clothes. At least she looks beautiful!
GiGi continued the tradition and made 
adorable bags for both of them that coordinated with their costumes. 

Emmy pretty much zombied through each and every game. She said she had fun, but I think that maybe the crowd was a little overwhelming. Once B got this bag of goldfish, he was done. 

 He had zero interest in taking monkey pumpkin pics.

 So he just hung out for the rest of the night.

 Emmy was happy with her candy haul and the monkey kept his hat on for almost the entire evening so we'll call it a success!

Sam is 2!

Sam had a big bouncy party this weekend to celebrate her turning 2! Blake is getting really great at taking pics, so thought I'd highlight a few great ones from the party.

And the pumpkins continue...

Last year Emmy had a great time painting pink and purple sparkly pumpkins. I thought B might be able to participate this year so I told everyone to get naked. B took this literally. He looked at us, popped off his diaper, and walked over and threw it in the trash!!! This boy is all about the show!! Surely he didn't understand what I said, but MAN does he have good timing!

So after we put diapers back, we got everything covered in plastic and got ready to paint! Blake told me I was nuts. 

Emmy was really into blue this year, so and Beckett actually got the brush and painted a few strokes! 

It looked like it was all going to work, and boy was I smug, until he stuck the paintbrush in his mouth and started sucking. So then Emmy and I painted pumpkins...

We ended up with a starry night pumpkin a earth pumpkin and two other very blue ones. She was pretty proud of her masterpieces and she displayed them through the yard, like literally in random places all over the front yard. Whatever the master wants!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

That's a lot of pumpkins...

It's my favorite month of the year! And I don't officially count it kicked off until we take the mandatory pumpkin patch pictures. This year we were got to do it twice because you know we're taking them with both sets of cousins! (yes, I'm aware that I have a problem.)

First up- Vacek fam mis-tee-ve-us pumpkin patch! 

Emmy and Becks just want to look at each other and slap the pumpkins instead of taking pics. 

They are pretty sweet though! 
 Abs and Emmy are matching cuties. Abby was our styling director and no picture was complete unless every single person was holding a small pumpkin. She made sure that everyone had one.

 This picture makes me laugh ;)
 We had to go through a variety of "faces" to get everyone to look. This is everyone's "happy" faces, except for Sam and Becks. They're giving a little bit of "what tha" face and "are we really freaking doing this AGAIN" face.

 And next up : Sansom family pumpkin patch with custom made outfits custom of Gigi's NEW embroidery machine! (sure to make many further appearances on the blog.) We thought that this was pretty much how it was going to go...

But look how good we did! That's three kids looking in the general direction of the camera, and 1 is only a few weeks old! I was jumping like an idiot behind Laura, but you gotta do what you gotta do. These are the official pumpkin pictures we're talking about.

Mine STILL wouldn't look at the camera.. just at each other.

 But we got some interesting individual shots to show off the outfits. And Clara did GREAT!

 It is now OFFICIALLY Fall!