Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Sprinkle for Beckett

Beckett is coming soon! (Six weeks... ah!) I am so lucky that the Vacek crew decided to throw me a sprinkle. A Sprinkle is a little shower, but they didn't seem to get that memo. Everything was gorgeous and so much thought went in to everything.

Me and the hostesses.

All of the decorations were handmade with lots of love =) We'll use this one for the hospital. Custom monogrammed placemats and personalized water bottles. I decided I'll pull these out at restauraunts and make everyone think that this is what we "just eat on all the time " =)Family and friends came in from all over to celebrate my new little man. There are three baby bumps in this pic! The big sister.

And of course the gifts... We are spoiled as usual! Beckett got so many thoughtful, personalized, and custom items that my talented friends and family made or purchased for him. This is his first pair of Aggie overalls from YaYa. I'm a sucker for monogramming, and everyone seems to know it =)

I am one lucky lucky girl and my new little man is going to be surrounded by love. Thank you to everyone for making this such a special day!