Thursday, August 04, 2011

Staycation 2011

We decided that we needed a little down time before Beckett came so we headed down to GigiBeach for a little R&R. Our main goal was to do absolutely nothing and we still couldn't accomplsih that at the beach, but we did a little better! Emmy woke up everyday and we asked her what she wanted to do and she said "Stay at the house and play and play." Well, we did a little of that =) But we also celebrated two birthdays, saw some animals, ate really good food, and a bunch of other fun stuff!

The puppies had a nice beach walk and we even managed to snag a not-so-bad picture taken by a really nice semi-drunk older couple on the beach. Way to go guys!

The next day we headed over for the traditional Moody Gardens day. We have used the hell out of the season passes that I swore to Mom we probably wouldn't use. We started out with the dinos. There is a traveling exhibit of these crazy dinos in a big tent. Last time Emmy was scared of them. Not this time. They were all Tyrannasaurus Rex's..... Her and Daddy growled at this one. We had to practically BEG her to leave. Strange...
After a quick stop at Dora. (I'm about done with that.) Then we headed over to the LAZZZZY river. Emmy loves that thing, althought they've added a ton of things that squirt you in the face and dump water on your head, which I HATE. It's not so lazy anymore. After stops at the wave pool and slides we decided we were DONE. It's too freaking hot for pregnant whales to be waddling around outside.
After nap/puzzle time, we headed over for a paddleboat ride! Whoohoo- right!!!, eh... We smuggled on some contraband bread and fed the birds from the back. That was the highlight of EVERYONE on the boat's trip. We seriously had little kids stealing the bread from underneath Emmy's feat and throwing it to the birds. Paddleboats that go in a big circle are not SOOOO exciting. Last year I was in Australia with Kangaroos on my birthday, so this year I decided to take it up a notch and go to Alvin.... WHOOHOO! jealous? We decided to go to the Animal Safari park. I think that Blake and I like it better than Emmy. We can't quit giggling.Smelling the warthogs. so yes, they let THIS GUY just run around the park and come eat from your hand.. uh, that might have made me a LITTLE uncomfortable. All the fam came down to the beach to celebrate my 31st! Emmy nicely put the candles on my cake for me. The next morning we jumped in the car and drove to Caroline's Pirates and Pixies 3rd birthday party. Betsy had it decorated so cute. All the kids go to dress up and they even went on a treasure hunt!After quick partytime, we headed BACK down to the beach for a cousin birthday party. Mom decorated with a hula theme and the girls got into it. They were SO Excited to play on the beach. Emmy decided that she hated the water again for some reason until the VERY end.

Jackson, on the other hand, was ALL about it. Keith would just put him on the boogeyboard and send him in on a wave. He ATE it up.

The kids also got into making gigantic bubbles on the beach. I tried and tried for the most artistic shot ever but failed miserably. This is about as close as I got.

After all that partying, we had to head back to reality the next day. We actually had a blast!I let myself relax, Blake quit biting his fingernails and put together and entire puzzle, and Emmy got to play and play just like she wanted. The real world is going to STINK on Monday =)