Saturday, March 27, 2010

Springin Flingin!

Gorgeous weather in Houston, Texas means two things: 1. The month of birthdays is upon us and 2. Spring has suddenly arrived only to leave us with the dog days of summer even faster. In an attempt to celebrate the season, Collin, Betsy, Caroline, Kathy, Tim, Kristen, Emmy and I went to the Lakewood UMC Spring Fling. The girls were able to dance, pet farm animals, ride a train and have their first ever Easter egg hunt. We had been prepping Emmy for this moment for quite some time, but sometimes you just never know...

Emmy has been practicing for a moment in the petting zoo for months. What does a sheep say Emmy? BAAAAA!!! What does a horse say Emmy? NEEIIGGGGHHHH!!!

What does the doggie say? Emmy, that's not a least she wasn't scared of anything this time...

Even more than the eggs, Emmy liked the gravel in the playground. As eggs disappeared in every direction around her (I wish that I would have gotten Kristen's eye tone on camera when a little boy zoomed in and stole an egg from her outstretched hand), Emmy was content digging in, collecting and placing the gravel into her basket.

A picture of our little family after the hunt. Notice Emmy is still not interested in anything besides the gravel. The Easter eggs were a nuisance to her gravel scramble.

Before the hunt began, we were sure Emmy would be on the hunt for eggs, as even the candy egg given to her during story time could not make it out of the wrapper before going directly into her mouth.

Emmy and her GiGi enjoyed a ride around the church in a tractor pulled train.

The excitement of riding the train spilled over into dance as Caroline showed each of us how little girls JAM!

Inspired by Caroline's moves, Emmy answered with a few of her own...

An amazing picture. These bunny ears last approximately 2.5 seconds on Emmy's head before they end up around her neck, in her eyes or on the ground.

There were at least two proud Daddy's with their daughters enjoying the day.

After the party, we went to a local restaurant for some grub. Trying to eat with two toddlers is at times, trying, but watching them run up and down the sidewalk in front of the restaurant is the main highlight. I just so happened to catch Caroline's excitement.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk

Even though we couldn't make it to Kate's big birthday party in Lumberton this weekend, she was nice enough to send Emmy a goodybag! Sweet Kate =) Sidewalk chalk was in the bag and since Emmy's never played with it, I thought it might be fun today! We pulled it out and every little kid in the neighboorhood ended up on my driveway drawing. Ok, the mommies drew a little bit too =) Emmy taught Caitlin, our next door neighboor, how to do it.
Emmy had fun drawing but she had MORE fun rolling around in the chalk. A little Butt drawing I guess!

30... let's jump!

With the Sansom's you get a birthday week, so we HAD to celebrate Blake's birthday again on his real birthday Monday. Blake wanted to go to Monkey Bizness (yes, the bouncy place) for a party with Emmy. She's really get into the bouncies. She's alos VERY into balls... "ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball,ball,ball...." YES, you like Balls emmy =)

They made the trek up the BIIIIG slide and we actually let Emmy go down by herself this time. Probably the best decision? no... but she liked it!
Lannie and Boppa dropped by for dinner, and Emmy taught Boppa how to play with her Eggs. Poor Boppa.
We got another AWESOMELY decorated birthday cake from Rao's. They really outdid themselves this time =) Seriously, it's a good thing the thing tastes good =)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Big One!

Even though he loooks so young, my cute little hubby's time has come To turn the big 3-0 and what do you know, Lynn had a milestone too!

Bob planned a BIG to-do. Dinner and a limo? Who knew!

Not Blake and Lynn, because all their family and friends were gathered for the surprise party he threw!We ate and drank a ton. Had crabcakes and turtle soup for fun! And did a little toasting and story telling too.
But being old doesn't mean you can't have fun. And the guys decided they just weren't done. Michael said "TABC who?"And made a few Tom Collins for the crew.

We closed out the tab and ended the night with the mandatory Whataburger taquito grab. Happy Birthday my favorite hubby, thirty looks good on you!