Saturday, May 05, 2012

We're in trouble now

Look what we woke up to this morning! (April 22) I have a feeling he's going to be jumping out next week!

Another milestone

We started off the morning like any other morning, bottle for Becks, milk for Emmy, coke for me... and then Emmy decided to take a flying leap off the couch and roll RIGHT on top of Blake's laptop bag. In typical Emmy fashion, she shook it off and started playing again. I was debating back and forth if I should take her to the hospital when the new Nanny, Bertha came for the day, the look on her face told me I should go ahead and just go.

We spent the morning at Texas Children's. Emmy thought it was awesome because she got to watch cartoons for three hours. They had to numb her head , and she was ok with that.

 But then they had to clean it out. UGH!!!! They wrapped her in a blanket and I had to hold her down while she screamed "Mommy! Mommy!" She was shaking like crazy by the time they finished. NOT one of the best Mommy moments. Thankfully, popsicles can cure just about anything.
We ended up with just the glue! I don't think I could've handled stitches. We can mark hospital visit off our list of firsts. At least it was just a minor booboo.....

Game #2

Who would've known that we'd have to bust the windbreakers back out? Soccer game #2  brought out about 2/3 of the kiddos. We are in for the long haul, but I can see where if you had to wake up early, drag your screaming kid here, and then watch them run around not on the field for an hour you wouldn't come. 

Emmy did her drills diligently, 
 Beckett suited up with his new baseball hat from GiGi and Pops and his best PeePaw face.
 Coach Daddy gave her a pep talk.
 And she did her best to kick the ball. But pretty much after that there was some running after the ball, a lot of staring out in the distance and chewing on her finger, and a LOT of sitting on the sideline whining for a snack.
 After the game everyone slapped hands. I'm really hoping that she gets into it more soon!


We finally started soccer with Emmy's old Primrose friends! There are 9 little 3 year olds on the field and herding cats would probably be nice compared to "coaching a game."

Emmy got all dressed up in her gear, inlcuding her "Shingardens" and was ready for the game. Yes, I got her matching bows. Duh!
 Becks cheered Emmy on from his own personal chair.
 Coach Daddy and Coach Brad passed out the jerseys and Emmy got number 42. She suited up and was ready for practice.
 The kids were SO adorable in their little jerseys. This is Emmy and her friend Kyrianna getting ready for the game.
 "Practice" consists of a lot of kicking at the goal.
 Emmy had a lot of fans to Cheer her on. GiGi, Pops, and YaYa all came to see her first soccer game!
 The games are only 20 minutes. Emmy played MAYBE 10. She was in and out, pretty much really just focused on the snacks. That and the camelback are pretty much what soccer is all about. The kids were nuts, running all over the place. Out of the 9 kids on the team, we have maybe 3 that are really interested. Three of the girls just ran around the extra courts laughing and laying on the ground. A couple just hung out on the sidelines in thier parents laps, and Keppler decided that he didn't want to sit out his turn. We looked up and he was over playing in the other game next field over! He was out scoring goals and no one knew he wasn't supposed to be there! Hilarious!
Here's Emmy and Coach Daddy celebrating a successful first game! It's going to be an interesting season!

He's Talking!!! And now he won't stop!

I've been worried about Beckett's hearing because he's had so many ear infections, he's not babbling at all, and let's face it, I'm burned from Emmy. Well he finally decided he was ready! At the beach this weekend (April 6-7, I'm a little slow posting)  all of the sudden he just burst out with "da da!" And pretty quick after he started saying Ma Ma! And now he won't STOP talking. I don't really mind though! SO fun to hear him jabbering!