Monday, February 23, 2015

B eats bottles of Sprinkles (or Christmas Baking)

The sugar rush began early with a little gingerbread house making. As you can see, Beckett ate as many sprinkles as he could and then bailed to let Daddy get all OCD on the house. Everything is EXACTLY even!

And then, for Round 2, we hit the Santa Cookies! B decided that when the sprinkles ran out, he'd start beheading the Gingerbread men. Emmy put enough icing on them for both. 

5 month pictures

Taken almost one day before she turned 6 months, but you know, we squeezed it in! We're gonna make it! Almost half way there!

Cupcakes: 5 months

At 5 months Sutton is:

  • JUST about to sit up! She wants to desperately, She's not happy laying down anymore, and will rock and rock and rock if you sit her up in your lap.

  • Must be teething. She's chewing and drooling, but I don't feel anything just yet.
  • Not so interested in food. Cereal is ok, but anything else just tears up her tummy. Even the fruit she wasn't so excited about. We still haven't quite figured her tummy out.

  • Does LOVE a mum mum

  • is almost rolling over form back to front. she's just about there.
  • Still doing her signature "goo." If she flirts she'll scrunch up one shoulder, squint her eyes, and let a little gurgle out

  •  squeals and squeals and squeals. The bigs have adopted the most annoying noise in the world and will squeal and squeal at her. she loves it, but Blake and I are pretty sure it's used as torture somewhere.
  • Still into spitting, a lot.
  • Sleeping through the night for the most part. She goes to sleep around 7, eats at 9, then 11, then sleeps usually until around 6. Unless she decides to wake up at 4, or all night. Ugh.
  • Thinks her big brother and sister are the most hilarious things ever. She misses them when they're not around.

  • Is still a happy girl. She usually has a big happy smile and rarely fusses unless something is really wrong.
  • Grabbing EVERYTHING. When I pick her up from her crib the first thing she does is give me  a huge smile, then she grabs a giant chunk of my hair from the back of my head and yanks.

Emmy loses her first tooth

I just happened to be videoing Emmy when she was wiggling her tooth and amazingly, look what I caught! Tooth Fairy comes tonight! (For the record, she left $5.Not too shabby!)

Emmy is 6!

After all that birthday party fun, Emmy finally turned 6! She was excited to get to see her birthday on the marquee for her first birthday at school. 

 We started with sugar in the morning and just kept it up all day long, like any good birthday =)

Emmy's Drive in Craziness!

For Emmy's 6th birthday, we decided to host a Drive in Movie! Emmy's #1 priority in the entire party was to take her friend's orders for candy. we decided to make a concesssions stand, so she could offer her friends all kinds of treats. 
 I wasn't sure just how many of her friends would come on a Friday in Decemeber, but guess what, the answer is... ALL OF THEM. Almost 30 kids. Yes, I think this will officially be the LAST at home party. It did me in =)

 From the beginning we had some issues. We kept blowing the power and I learned a valuable lesson about 6 year old boys.. .they are completely and totally nuts. We did this same setup at Halloween and I SWEAR all the kids sat there mesmerized through two movies. Not one moved a muscle. Not the case this time. We had 30 kids running around the back yard, knocking everything over, and 1 lone kid watching the movie.  I seriously, seriously, thought it was going to be the easiest party ever. Not so much.
 But the good news is, Emmy did get to serve all of her friends candy and popcorn and pizza and she had an absolute blast.
 We even managed to FINALLY get the smores log going and roast some marshmallows, because you know what's good with crazy kids, open fire. Good planning Kristen.