Thursday, October 02, 2014

Cupcakes: 2 months

At two months Sutton is:
  • 22 inches : 20%
  • 11 lbs 4 oz : 40%
  • Head - you guessed it! 89%! 15.75 inches . I will bet that next time we're 95% or above.
  • A smiley girl! She is generally a happy thing and will smile for everyone when she's awake. Squeaky noises really make her smile big. She also will give me huge smiles if I've been away and come back.

  • Still not sleeping a whole lot. probably 75% of the days she takes one nap in the morning for an hour or so and then not another one until about 9 o'clock at night. I'm afraid she more than looks like Emmy. Someone forgot to tell her she's a BABY and she needs to take a nap.

  • Figured out how to blow bubbles!
Grunts and toots and toots and toots. I have never seen a gassier baby!
Starting to look more and more like Daddy.

  • loves to kick kick kick and breathe quickly. Favorite thing by far.

  • Is loving the play gym and will tolerate the bouncy chair for a little bit.

Still the subject of a LOT of love from the bigs. Emmy has taken to doing "experiments" with her (or ON her). This experiment was how many times she would smile if emmy squeaked a squeaky toy close to her face. Really close.

Still has that mouth WIDE open.