Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Beck-a-Roo is 1!!!

Somehow , I looked up and a year has passed. I cannot tell you how happy this little guy makes me. He's quick to laugh, pretty easy going, mischievous, and busy.  Happy Birthday Beckaroo!

We celebrated with family and friends at the Splash Pad down the street from our house. Of course, it was 100% humidty and almost 100 degrees. I have sworn off our outside parties for life. DONE!

We had a mustache and ice cream theme. You can see the tiny mustache on the invite. So I drew from there,plus mustaches are just fun! 

The adorable cakes went with the theme. That's a melted ice cream cone on the smash cake.
There was JUST enough wind to make all the decorations go NUTS =) We made sugar coated cones filled with vintage candy for favors. 

Here's the birthday boy (who wouldn't stand still to take a picture of his shirt.)
All the kids spent some time playing in the water. We just went ahead and gave up and taped up Emmy's cast with plastic bags and mustache duct tape. That worked well for about ten minutes. Oh well! We get it off next week.

After a little splashing we let Beckett have his cake. i thought he'd really dig in, but he spent most of his time focued on the cone. Once he figured out it was full of icing it was all over =)

The kids enjoyed all the mustache goodies while we ate. 

And then the ICE CREAM TRUCK showed up! Beckett and Emmy got to jump in the truck and pass out ice cream to all their friends. 

After everyone had their treats it was Giant bubble time! Beckett really had a blast while Pops helped him pop the bubbles.

You know it's a good party when your shirt is filthy and you're flat out exhausted =) I think the best part of the enture thing was that I really think that Beckett loved every minute of his party. He giggled and danced and squealed the entire time. 
At the afterparty, we opened gifts and Beckett managed to stay up for an entire three hours before taking a nap =)

The princesses played and played and ate a LOT of candy.

....and we all realized that Blake should never ever, under any circumstances grow a mustache)
Happy Birthday little man! We love you very very much!