Monday, May 07, 2012

What a weekend!

Blake took off on his annual fly fishing weekend and of course we had a jammed packed couple of days to fill in. I wasn't going to brave soccer alone but I'm SO glad that I did! Emmy for some reason just decided to be really on her game today. In the third "quarter" she did a fast break and ran down the field with the ball and scored a goal!!  The best thing was that when she did it, she ran off the field as fast as she could and came and gave me a huge Hi-five. I gave her a big hug and said "All right! Go make another one! And she said "I just did that." and sat down for a snack. Oh well, baby steps!She did go in for the last quarter, and I was SO proud of her for willingly "playing" the entire game. We're making progress. Coach Brad awarded her the medal for the day and she was SO excited. She kept telling me "it's BEAUTIFUL!" 
We had a celebratory donut and then GiGi and Pops came over to relieve Mommy and spend the night for the big Prairie Dog experience the next day. Emmy has been in chior at church all year and this weekend was the big finale. A musical called "Jonah's Druthers" that tells the story of Jonah and the Whale, except Jonah is from the Wild West and he falls in to an abandoned well. It's really very cute and Emmy has had the ENTIRE hour long musical memorized for a long time now. She has hand motions for all the songs and we listen to it in the car a LOT. Emmy's choir was to dress as Prairie Dogs. That's easier said than done, but I think they turned out pretty cute!

They made a little "prarie dog song" for the little kids to sing. Most of the kids in the choir hadn't listed to the CD quite as many times as we had evidently ;)

And here's the big performance! I was pleasantly surprised that Emmy actually performed. Last time they sang in choir she turned around and watched herself on the big screens the entire time. The musical was REALLY long, so it's amazing that after sitting there for an hour, the little prairie dogs were still on their game. 

After such a big weekend full of so many eventful things, we of course had to finish off with a bang, literally. We ran to Sams and brought Emmy. She was walking behind the cart and fell, slamming into the bottom rung of the buggy with.. drumroll please... the EXACT place she STILL has glue from her stitches. It was pretty brutal looking right when it happened and still pretty impressive that night. Her poor little face is never going to get a rest!

Ok, we're ready for Blake to come home now! It's been a CRAZY, productive, happy couple of days!

It's a.....

We've been anxiously awaiting the reveal of what our new little cousin will be! It feels like Laura's pregnancy has gone by SO very fast. Emmy has always said that it's a girl, and we finally got to see who was right!

We all put our guesses in and mom made a tater bouquet to represent our guesses. A What? you say? We have called Laura's little bun in the oven Tater for a while now. I like the term he-tater and she-tater but they never really caught on ;) There were 4 girl guesses and 2 boys.  Laura and Sean kept with the theme and we were give a Mr or Mrs. Potato head to put together to see the gender and to tell us the name.

GiGi opened the tater and we found out it's a GIRL! Emmy was right all along. Princess Clara Anne Townsend will be here in really just a few months. We're all so excited!