Monday, June 06, 2011

Big Girl

Today my little girl moved up to the big girl Preschool class at school. Yep, I cried. I am blaming it on pregnancy hormones, but I can't imagine how I'm going to be when "real" school happens. I'll have to take the day off work. The kids in the class looked SO big, and she just pranced over and joined them, even without her "best friend in the whole world" (she told us this) Bianca. How did she get so big so fast!

Moody Gardens

We decided that three days of work was enough last week and took Friday off to head down to test out the new and improved Moody Gardens. Let's all say "ooooooooo!!!!!"

We started out in the aquarium/water pyramid. Pretty cool! They have a giant sea lion, pengiuns, a pretty awesome octopus, and Emmy's favorite, stamps. Yep, forget the penguins... the best thing about the whole thing was stamping her shark "passport."
Emmy's favorite part is the Dora 4D movie. She's seen it about seven times now. Thank goodness for the all season pass mom bought. At almost 20 bucks a pop for 12 minutes, I DON'T think that we'd be doing it more than once.
Then we went to the rainforest. And, that's enough description.

We headed back to the cabin for ice cream and naps ( yea naps!)

The next day we finished at the spash pad. Emmy LOVED the lazy river and wave pool, she just won't keep her mouth shut!!! She also led everyone to a round of "I'm drinking booty water!!!" at the top of her lungs." (FYI- Booty water is what we call her bath water because we try and discourage her from drinking it. ) Since the lazy river water was apparently the same, she decided it was booty water too. She also treated everyone to a newly learned "pee stance" (See Jackson's birthday post) at the splash pad. It went a little something like this... "I need to pee pee mommy." "Ok! Let's go!" "I do it right here" Assume stance. People start quickly walking away.

It was a relaxing couple of days (see naps) and we had fun! I think we'll be back!

Emmy Parties through Memorial day

After starting the holiday weekend off with Jackson's party, Emmy decided to just keep going. The next day she took in an Astro's game, on the front row of course (Emmy goes hard or goes home) with Abs and Lannie and Boppa.

And then did some party cruisin on Lannie and Boppa's boat. Sippy cups for everyone.

This is how she looked when we got her back...

She pulled through for a pool party with Gigi and Pops the next day. This year she is pretty much scared of NOTHING. She did the water slide by herself about 425 times and wanted to "let me do it myself" in her floaty. She tired in jump in and do the gigantic water slide. Mom had to take her to meet the lifeguard so that she would understand WHY she had to get out of the pool when they blow the whistle. She wasn't buying the Gigi explanation.

After a waterfight with Pops,

She climbed in a lawnchair, snapped her fingers for a juicebox and sighed "I need my bit bit."
The Memorial Day Princess was officially pooped!

Jackson is 2!

Somehow the past year has completely zipped by. I keep going"but we JUST (insert activity) it can't be time again..." and then it is. Jackson's birthday is one of those things. Last year he had a pool party and this year we kept with the water theme for a race car splash pad party. The birthday boy is the king of face-making. Here's his "muscle-face."

It was all a little too much for Sam. She got a full belly and took a little snooze.The most interesting thing that happened is that Abby taught Emmy how to "properly" pee in a swimsuit (according to Abby.) Lovely. I almost got a picture of it, but figured that might be a little too graphic. Forget the casual, low key approach, we now have a stance that leaves little to the imagination! Should make for an interesting summer at the pool!Evidence of a REALLY fun party- mouth WIDE open. Happy Birthday Jackson!