Saturday, December 26, 2009


So Christmas was exhausting.. in a good way =) It was so exhausting that I can't even make any comments on it. The main sumarry: Emmy is spoiled (and so are we). She is so spoiled that we had to take down the desk upstairs to make a playroom. Here's some pics of the festivites.. with a caption thrown in here and there...

Emmy and her Santa stash.....
Yes, Emmy had a fur coat for church this year. All during church she kept going to the people in the pew in front of us and handing them a program. She also ate about 100 kix and waved at everyone on the way to communion. But we actually made it through the whole service.

Sean was going for gangsta but ended up somewhere between jospeph and jihad =)

We went for the always stuuning matching tulle numbers

The last month photo shoot

It's the last offical photo shoot. If all of them were as long as this one I don't think we'd have made it past one. I keep making a long list of things that I didn't know before I was a mom. I'll know next year to never EVER take pictures the week before Christmas. There are 18 million other people who's kids are out of school trying to take Christmas Card pictures. They were also WAY overbook and to top it off there was no air conditioning. This would normally be ok in December, but it was one of those days where you thought it was going to be about 50 and dressed for that and then whoops! it's 85 by noon. So everyone was in sweaters with no AC.. and there were babies EVERYWHERE screaming... NOT fun. But Emmy was a trooper and hung on. I have to say, I am SO glad that I have these pictures, but I'm also glad that we won't be taking any more for a while =)

We tried to recreate the first birthday cake for a pic. Results were similar to the party.. a lot of eh leading to birthday cake meltdown!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas (We're a little late)

We've had a seriously busy December, so the Christmas spirit took it's sweet time getting to Tomball. (You can note that this is also why we're not sending Christmas cards this year. We still love you, you're just not getting a card.) I am usually that guy who has their tree up the second Thanksgiving is over. I spend hours pouring over gift tags to find just the right ones to match my wrapping paper, and have each present wrapped as soon as I buy it. Yeah, none of that happened this year.
Blake and I both agreed that the thought of cleaning out the crap room upstairs enough to actually find the tree in the attic had absolutely no appeal. Emmy is also in the tornado phase where she spends all day finding new and creative ways to destroy things. All this meant that we had pretty much decided there would be no Christmas tree this year. I even tried to bribe several of my friends with 20 bucks if we could take a picture in front of their tree and then never tell Emmy that it wasn't her tree. But it just made me too sad for her not to have a tree on her first "real" Christmas. Since we're super lazy we went and bought a new one and 15 bucks of cheap plastic Christmas ornanments. It's the lamest Christmas tree I have ever had in my house, but it's a tree and Emmy can take her picture in front of it.

This is now my new everyday. I chase Emmy around as she takes the ornaments off the tree, loops the fishing wire around her only two teeth on the bottom (we couldn't have hooks so we tied fishing line) and yanks as hard as she can. She's going to pull out all of her freaking teeth.

We let Emmy pick out any ornament she wanted at Garden Ridge. Having the excellent taste that she does, she of course picked out a frog on a surfboard in swimtrunks drinking a milkshake. She picked it off the shelf and took off hauling a@@ across the store. It was THE ONE! Now at this point I had to think... there is someone that was shopping at Garden Ridge one day and said..... "Oh my gosh! There it is, the perfect ornament!" It's hanging on someone's tree (who is not a one year old) right now with the twelve inch feather parrot ornament, the hippopotamous in a tutu ornament, and the large mouth bass eating a worm ornament that were also left this time of year at Garden Ridge. This was, of course, the only ornament that she was interested in hanging.
The rest of the time she just sat in the ornaments, put them in and out of the box, janked the fishing wire on her teeth ......
and of course did this, becasue it is WAY more fun that decorating a bright shiny new Christmas tree that your parents bought just for you to decorate.... well, we did say we needed a tree skirt.
Today the Castille's came over to make Christmas cookies for Santa... because really what I need right now is more sweets. When I reach my limit, it BAD, becasue it's a pretty high limit! But Santa requires cookies so we were going to make them. I made a Paula Deen Recipe and it had an ENTIRE box of butter in it. An entire box. If you're interested, there are 32 servings of butter in a box and each serving has 11 grams of fat...I will be returning my skinny jeans that I got for Christmas. Their services are no longer needed.
Betsy and I started early with the rolling and cutting. Emmy gave it a

But Caroline said... oh HELL no...
Then the Daddy's came over and we got to the good stuff. Like the Christmas tree, this was more of an adult cookie decorating party. The girls chased each other around the kitchen and stuck interesting things in the diaper genie. It's a fun new game that all the cool kids are playing.
Blake and I made a voodoo doll and Mexican flag... feliz navidad... very christmas-y...
Betsy and Colling made a series of sparkly ornaments...
And the girls said YUMMY... this looks like interesting colored poo in the making!
And in "signs that we're probably not mature enough to have a baby" news.. this is what Betsy and I did while the girls took a bath. It's STILL funny to me =)

So the Vacek's are ready! Bring it on Christmas!