Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You Won't Believe It Until You See It!

If you have been reading our blog you know that our darling little girl does not have an affinity for crawling. She rather loathes it...its usually one attempt followed by an extended try at standing up, holding onto something and falling on her small butt. Well, after picking her up from day care today and letting her sleep for 30 minutes due to the sheer exhaustion of playing with all of her new friends in the water on splash day, she did something rather remarkable. It was incredible really.

On a side note, I have picked Emmy up from day care twice now, and twice she is playing with the same little girl when I get there, and twice as I pick Emmy up off the floor that same little girl starts crying uncontrollable. Its sad, very sad, but cute as well I guess. I'm not sure if she's crying because she wants someone to pick her up, or, if its because her friend is leaving for the day. The fact that they are together makes me think the latter.

But back to the main point of the post...Emmy took her first step...seven months old, not really able to crawl, and now taking a step. I was not able to catch the blessed moment on film but I did get a couple of quick videos of her standing on her own right after it happened. And Ann, I can promise you, it did happen...What's next for the little one you ask? Tomorrow we begin potty training...kidding...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Water Babies

This actually happened a while ago, but is too good not to put up! We almost gave the people at Protrait Innovations a heart attack when 24 parents and 12 kiddos under the age of 1 showed up to all take a picture together! Betsy took a water aerobics class at the Y while she was pregnant and the class turned into a little mom's group. It's been a year since they all met each other, so they decided to commemorate with a group picture. Since they are the water aerobics class, they call themselves the water babies (that's why they're all in swimsuits.) We've been adopted as part of the group, so we were invited to be part of the occasion!

When there was only one or two kids at the store, the Portrait Innovations people looked ok, but when we started to fill the entire lobby, they started getting a LITTLE peeved. Sassy might be a good word for how the dude was acting after about twenty minutes of "I you're happy and you know it " sung in stereo, a few screaming kids, and moms running in the picture every ten seconds to save someone from falling, poking someone in the eye, or wandering off.

Amazing managed to take a picture of all 12 babies where no one was throwing a massive fit, toddled off, or fell over and hit their head. It's too cute!

Here's a few of the outtakes. They're a lot funnier =) The CD won't let me rotate them, so just turn your head sideways =)

Rolling Right Along...7 months and 60 years!

No, we didn't go bonkers and rent out a hall for Emmy's 7th cupcake picture.

This time Emmy shared her monthday cupcakes with Boppa! We celebrated his 60th birthday with a big party on Saturday night! It was an adult's only party but we snuck Emmy in the back door for a few minutes until the babysitters could arrive (they were all invited!)

Unfortunately, we were too busy drinking margaritas and dancing to take many pictures, but here's a few that we did get. Hopefully someone will send us some! Hint hint =)