Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kate's Painting Party

We ran home from Vancouver and headed down to Port Neches for Kate's big painting party. The girls were so cute all dressed in their bright colors that these are the most adorable photos.

 They all got down to business and focused on creating their masterpieces.
 Emmy and Caroline decided to paint the same flowers. We always laugh that they are so different and in true Emmy fashion, she was the first one finished in about 10 minutes, and Caroline was the VERY last one finished, and it looked fantastic.
 You can see the finished product here.
 And all the masterpieces.
The girls always have fun when they get together, and we were so glad we got to come celebrate with sweet Kate. 

My Lucky Charms

Another tshirt holiday, but they're too cute to resist!
 (and B fell AGAIN, in the same spot on the concrete. Hopefully we're not working towards a huge scar there! )

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The 10 Best Years.

Many of you know that Kristen and I have been together for quite a while. 14 years to be exact, since that moment late in my freshman year at A&M when we became a "couple", dating for 3.5 and now married for almost 10.5. Together Kristen and I have travelled near and far, taking time out to visit such places as Italy, Spain and France. We have bought and sold a home. We have owned 5 cars. We have two amazing kids. And Watson, our first dog, the first significant purchase we made as a couple, passed away only a few short months ago, after more than a decade with us. Needless to say, we have shared many memories, some good and some bad, but throught it all she continues to be the love of my life. Despite the fact that in many ways we are polar opposites, I could not have picked a better partner to tackle this life with. I would not be the same man without her. But getting down to business, this blog started as a way for she and I to tell about our journeys in a way that we could easily go back and remember together. It started as a way to give our family and friends a way to peek into our adventures and share personal, intimate moments that we hold so dear. So, for one post, I am getting back to its origins, taking time out to share our anniversary vacation with those who wish to read about it.

It started on a Saturday, March 9th. Kristen and I loaded three 50 plus pound bags with clothes, snow gear and only god knows what and left Houston behind with our sights set on Vancouver. Five hours, one conversation with a teenager travelling alone who the airline forgot to assist   a fairly terrible snack box purchased for the ripe sum of $7 from the delightful Continental crew, we landed in British Columbia knowing that we had a journey ahead of us. The world did not take much notice of Vancouver until 2010... Of course... it seems that Vancouver, in its debut for the world during the Olympic games, decided to build new/modern structures that would dazzle its worldwide visitors. This was made apparent even at the airport. A mall-like structure with wood panel ceilings, glass/steel catwalks, stainless railings, a giant waterfall... you name it. But let's be honest, it has nothing on IAH. Right.

After getting through customs, we made our way to the rental car counter, finding ourselves behind the wheel of a BMW for our trek to Whistler. Of course, in Whistler a B'mer mearly "fits in". Hell, in Vancouver a B'mer only fits in. There are more Italian sports cars and German luxury vehicles than one can count. I think Kristen got tired of me saying... "Look at that Lambo!" It never got old to me. We quickly realized why Vancouver is known for its active lifestyle. It is a terrible city to drive in. Don't get me wrong, the buildings are Architectural marvels, the ocean is beautiful, the mountains are breathtaking, the trees and landscape can't be beat, the people are even extremely attractive, but for some reason Canadians cannot sync their lights in the downtown area. Couple that with a hoard of tourists and locals trying to escape the city going in the same general direction towards Whistler and the lack of a tunnel system for pedestrians to use and you get a 1.5 hour 20 mile hike across Vancouver to reach the open road of the sea to sky highway. We even had one Canadian later during the week remark to us about what he liked about the states... "The loops... Bypasses..." He most definitely said a mouthful.

However, despite the strain of getting across Vancouver, the area seemed to lift your spirits almost as fast. Once through downtown, we crossed Lion's Gate bridge (breathtaking), and hit the sea to sky highway. For those who have never had the opportunity to drive this glorious stretch of concrete, I suggest you try to make it happen in your lifetime. No picture or comment I could show or give you at this point could even describe the visuals you are constantly greeted by on this drive. The mountains soar out of the ocean and interfere with the clouds above. The steep cliffs that provide the overlooks into the harbors, which provide shelter for the sail boats, barges and other boats are majestic. I have been to a number of beautiful places in the world, the wine country in Tuscany and Northern California, the sunflower fields in Spain, the rocky coastline of the Italian Riviera, but as I told Kristen, I think this trumps all of them. Not to mention, the road when driven with an all wheel drive BMW quickly turns into a race course. Just driving (leaving out the picturesque views) was a highlight. I tried to get Kristen in on the fun, but she would have nothing to do with it. One thing we did find interesting during the drive was the town of Squamish. There, on the west side of the highway in the middle of town, we saw it. Wal-Mart. We laughed since it was seemingly so out of place (we did not see another in any place went on the rest of trip), and also because latelro.    when we were on the way home we stopped in to find a cheap umbrella and found that the employees in Squamish are not unlike those found in the the North Fry Wal-Mart in Katy, Texas.

As we got closer and closer to Whistler, I got more and more excited as we began to see mountain slopes full of snow. I still act like a kid when I get close to the white stuff. I don't have to shovel it, rake it off my car or blow it off my roof or driveway so when I see snow, it's always for fun only. Whistler is what you would expect from a mountain ski resort. Nestled in the valley between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, Whistler was home to many events during the 2010 Winter Olympics. It must have been a zoo as the world descended on this village. Kristen and I pulled up to the Pan Pacific Village Center and checked in to our one room suite. Whistler is also expensive, and our hotel room, while modest, was the most expensive we have stayed at outside a French Chateau. What's even more fun, it had a Murphy bed. A really comfortable Murphy bed, but a Murphy bed none the less. Tired from the travel, we ate dinner at a local tapas place, walked around the village and hit the sheets in anticipation of our full day of activities, our only one, in Whistler.

First up the next morning was ZipTrek Eco Tours. Hanging perilously 150+ feet at times over a white water river or snow covered slopes, surrounded by 400 year old fir trees, we launched ourselves on zip lines forwards, backwards, right side up, upside down. It was exhilarating and the first of many times during the trip we would sign our life away in order to have an experience. Much like many of the activities we did while in Vancouver, the pictures and videos we took do not do it any justice. We walked through icy forest paths to each launch pad learning about the wildlife (black bears, moose, wolves) and plant life. The longest zip line on the tour (5 total) was 2200' long, an amazing ride. Finishing the trek, and after a light lunch, we took the Whistler gondola (free) to the Coca Cola tube park that was also built for the Olympics, for entertainment and some down time. The park had six long runs and thankfully a moving walkway that would take you and your tube from the bottom of the hill to the top. Considering you paid by the hour (about $20-25/hour each) this was very welcomed. The employee at the park assisting people down the hill enjoyed his job tremendously, slinging unsuspecting guests into a whirlwind as they sped down the hill. He even took the time to tell me about the time he really let one kid have it who decided to cuss at him for one reason or another. He did give Kristen the ride of her life. Post tube, we sat at the top of the hill in the snow so I could "play" even if for a few minutes sinking myself to my knees in the untouched snow above the park. I think the park employees made fun of me the entire time, but of course I didn't care. Not a moment to spare and after a brief snack and beer, we again rode the gondola to the Whistler Sliding Center, home of the luge, bobsled and skeleton during the Olympics. At the sliding center, any average Joe (with money, always with money) can test their hand at a shortened version of either/or or both the skeleton and bobsled. Thinking of the kids and their need for a daddy (and because the times did not work), I decided to bypass the skeleton and ride the bobsled with Kristen.

The three things you need to know about the bobsled. 1. It starts slow. 2. It gets really fast (we topped out at 128.6 km/hr) and 3. You feel like you were in a car accident when you are done. The 5G's of force on your head and neck coupled with tight turns and ridiculous speeds make this both dangerous and incredibly awesome. Would love to do it again sometime. After bobsledding, Kristen and I hit the road back to Vancouver. We checked into the Opus Hotel only to find an IPad and cell phone waiting for us in our room. The hotel supplies their guests these devices to use during their stay. Lets just say, the cell phone and its free data would come in handy in many situations as we walked, trained and bused our way through Vancouver. A long day, car ride and late check-in had us getting room service and calling it a night.

Back up the next day (our last with the rent car), we made our way to one of Vancouver's most well known landmarks, the Capilano Suspension Bridge. The bridge was originally built in the late 1800's with wood planks and hemp rope, but luckily they have made several upgrades of the last 125 years. The bridge is several hundred feet long suspended 160' over the Capilano River. Does it sway when you walk on it? Yes. Is it disturbingly high over the river? Yes. Did we love it? Of course. After walking the bridge, and taking the journey through the park's treetop canopy tour, we found ourselves at the park's newest attraction... The cliff walk. A tight steel and glass walkway that extends 15' out from the cliffs falling into the river, giving those brave enough to walk another amazing view of the river valley. We completed our bridge tour and journeyed to

Emmy on Wheels

Right after Pops party we headed over to the skating rink for Abby's party. Emmy got some roller skates from Santa and test runs outside had not gone so well, so I wasn't quite sure how this was going to go.

It pretty much went as expected. Abby had a GREAT time! She really has the hang out it, but I was exhausted from hauling Emmy around while her feet went every which way. The concept of gliding is just too much to comprehend right now. We'll pretend like this never happened and call the next visit, in about a year, her first;)

Happy birthday Pops!

The merry month of march started out with a Pops celebration. It wouldn't be a party without pancakes so we headed over to Cracker Barrel for birthday brunch. I have found that as my parents get older, the more they like breakfast. my mom would've not been caught DEAD inside an IHOP when we were growing up, but now, we can't keep her out! After the pancake -bonanza we headed home to eat more of course!

Then the boys took off to hit a round at Top Golf. While they were gone we tried to do this... yes again.

It actually went a little better this time!  We got one! And it says it all!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Happy 1 1/2 Birthday to B!

The little man turned 1 1/2 already! Not quite sure where the time went. We celebrated with the traditional cupcake.

At 18 months the Beck-a-roo:
  • Finally decided he was ready to talk, He says Dada (for me) Mama ( for Beckett) , Sissy, Down, Dog, Bird , bye bye, two, but it seems like the flood gates are open and he says new things every single day. He'll repeat almost anything. 
  • He can make many of the animal noises and actions, he knows everything from a camel to a penguin, to a butterfly. 

  • Can do most of the "transportation noises: boat, train, car
  • He is very into make crazy noises like this and going " ha-HA!" at the end

  • Love, love, LOVES to dance and sing
  • Will sign along with you, espeically at night when he's getting tired
  • Has all of 8 teeth
  • Is the pickiest eater I have ever seen. He wants all junk all the time. He does like eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, little smokies (a LOT) and waffles, LOTS of waffles (and syrup of course), and corn 
  • He usually sleeps like a champ, but will wake up about once every three to five weeks at about 3 am and will stay up ALL NIGHT LONG
  • Is still just full of personality, will walk up to every single person at the grocery store and wave at them and say Hi until the respond. Flirts up a storm
  • The "Cheese" face is in full effect. If he sees a phone he automatically "cheeses" because of course you're taking a picture of him

  • It's probably time to get a haircut, but I refuse. He's got my hair, wiry, thick, and a little crazy
  • Is just starting to like to read books, his favorites are "red hat green hat" and anything that he can open, feel, or touch.
  • We have a saying that "what the emmy do, the beckett do" - because, well it's true
  • I've never seen anyone so obsessed with pouring. Two solo cups and something to pour back and forth and he's happy for an hour. The bathtub is a favorite place
  • He's happy to play cars or read books by himself. He'll play in the playroom and keep himself quietly busy (Big change from his sister!)
  • Still knows what he wants. If you're tickling his foot and he wants you to keep doing it, he'll grab your hand and put it on his foot until you finally concede and do what he wants
  • Wants to be a big kid pretty badly, wants out of his highchair seat, and to do what the big kids are doing.

He Talks to Somebody

Some pictures are just too cute not to document =)

Emmy and Blake went to Father's Night at Emmy's school which was western themed. Emmy was beyond excited to show him her room and all the stations, since he doesn't get to take her to school very much.

Emmy had to answer some questions about Blake and what his favorite things were. This is what she said:
His favorite food is: Steak
His Favorite TV show is : Football
My favorite this to do with Daddy is: Play princesses
When I'm at school Daddy : TALKS TO SOMEBODY

At least she's partially right ;) 

Picking up Pecans

While Mommy took a little girls weekend to Galveston, Daddy took the kids to Gandy's. They decided to spend an entire day picking up pecans, honestly FORTY POUNDS of pecans.

Blake brought two giant shopping bags full and had them cracked. We worked an entire night shelling them and managed to make 2 ziploc bags worth. I don't think the rest of them are happening ;)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Park fun

We're lucky to have a lot of really great parks in our neighborhood  In good weather it's time to get out and play and let Daddy have some practice time with his camera.

B wants to carry ALL the balls, every single ball he can see, and all at the same time. 

Check out these kicks! Maybe we shouldn't skip a year of soccer!

Go Texan Day

I love Go Texas Day because it's the one day of the year when every stereotype about Texans is actually true. We all wear boots and cowboy hats, and there are actually even horses coming down the freeway. Emmy was a Cupcake Cowgirl and Beckett decided he was way too cool for all that and just wore his shades.

Happy Birthday Paw Paw

We finished up Valentine's weekend by celebrating Paw Paw's 85th birthday. 
 All the Sansom family came in to town, and we all went to GiGi and Pops for a big party.
Emmy instantly took to her cousins even thought it was the first time she'd met them.

Be my Valentine!

Since Valentines started very very early this year, we postponed our traditional Valentine's hunt until after work. We sent Daddy a morning pic. 
 and then you know that I made everyone go outside to take our official holiday front yard pic.

 Lannie and Boppa came to eat dinner with us and RIGHT before we went to bed we squeezed in our clues.  Once again Emmy was ALL over it. Next year I'm going to have to make about 20. She has much more fun racing from room to room than she did opening her little prizes.
B, of course, was most excited about the toothpaste!

Facepainting fun

At Abby's school soc hop this year they had all kind of fun things set up for the kids to do. After eating tons of candy and doing a million cakewalks (for some reason this was a really big draw. I don't really get it. ) they decided to do some face painting. Abby told the lady that she wanted to be a cat. Emmy told the poor little middle school girl painting faces that she wanted to be a  half dog/half cat of course! 

I can say that it took everything I had not to grab the brush out of the poor girl's hand while she was painting it. Blake and I were standing there l looking at each other like "what the hell!?" She also will hopefully not pick art as her second elective, because let's face it, there's no future there. It did make a LOT more sense when Emmy finally told me what she asked for. 

As a little fun take away from this experience, you guessed it! An eye infection the very next day, just in that circled eye. SO fun!

Zoo Kids

We haven't been to the zoo in a long time so we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and head out. There weren't many people there so we ran right back to the giraffes and Beckett got to his first official giraffe feeding. Emmy is an expert so she ran right up and got her leaves in.

Of course a ride on the carousel was next. B wasn't so sure about it.

Then we had to head over to pet some goats. Emmy grabbed the brush and started chasing all the sheep. Beckett took a few steps in before he started saying 'no, no, no, no' and ran right back out.

He had more fun washing his hands than he did in the petting zoo. We did manage to catch a keeper's talk with the elephants where we got to watch them swim and take a semi bath.

Emmy had a great time as usual, but overall I think Becks was much more excited about the snacks than the animals;)