Friday, March 16, 2012

The Girls in Pink Boots

We have gotten more wear out of our pink cowgirl boots than I ever thought! This time we took them to the rodeo for a girls day out with Caroline. Really, we just can't pass up an opportunity to theme dress our daughters.

We started at Fun on the Farm which is a really cute exhibit that is supposed to teach them about how a farm works. They have to plant their crops, water them, and then pick the fruit. You also milk the cows, shear the sheep,and pick fruit from the trees. At each stop they get something to put in their basket. At the end they sell their "crops" at the farmers market and they get money to buy a rice krispie treat. It really is a SUPER cute exhibit,but all they really cared about was how much they could put in thier basket.It's a REALLY good thing Emmy didn't know about the rice krispie treat until the end.

From there we headed in to see the animals AND the airconditioning. (85 degree in march.. REALLY!) In the baby animal exhibit there was a cow named Rapunzel. You can guess where we spent all of our time there. That movie has taken over our lives. Then we actually waitedin line 15-20 minutes to pet two rabbits. Yeah, we didn't do that again. We decided to pet some more animals and headed to the petting zoo. usually petting zoo animals are so overfed they just sit there bloated. These were apparantley STARVING. They gave you food in ice cream cones and each animal had a tast for certain things. This llama literally stalked me the entire time we were inside trying to eat Emmy's ice cream cone. Emmy had the BEST time feeding and brusing the aminals. She has always LOVED animals,but she went nuts today. She hugged all of them,brushed them all,and fed them all piece by tiny piece of food. I didn't even ask her to hug these animals. That was ALL her. She even hugged the llama by herself. I'm not so excited about goat hugging, but at least she wasn't trying to lick them so I just let it go. She would've stayed in here all day.

Caroline wasn't so sure but she finally warmed up to this guy, who actually smiled for the picture.

I made the mistake of mentioning rides last night, so not matter how we tried I couldn't sneak out without riding at least one. We started out on the Wiggly Worm.

There was a LOT of squealing. Then we headed over to the Dizzy Dinos. I severly misjudged the line, so we decided to send the girls up the gigantic treehouse/huge slide combo. Emmy has been climbing the big slide at the jumpy place for over a year now, so she has no fear whatsoever. Poor Caroline got stuck halfway across the drawbridge =( She was screaming hysterically and the kids were all backed up behind her.When the guy came to get her the whole crowd started clapping for her. She did the rest of it though! Trooper!

After that fiasco we STILL had a while to wait in the Dizzy Dino line. We were amazed they were still awake at this point.They actually waited patiently with no complaining. We couldn't believe it so we had to take a picture.

The whole day was very fun, but NOTHING was better than this. I got to ride the Dizzy Dinos with the girls (and another little random girl) and they squealed and giggled the ENTIRE time. I am STILL smiling thinking about it.

We decided toend on a highnote and headed over for a Girl's dinner at Ruggles Green. Emmy looked like this in 45 seconds (not exaggerating.)Amazingly, they BOTH made it though dinner and even behaved SO nicely they got to decorate their cookies.

This was SUCH a great day with all my girls. They are growing up so fast, and it makes me SO happy that they treat each other like sisters. Emmy already calls me "mom", so I know my little girl moments are numbered. I'm hanging on to every one!

The ONLY good thing about daylight savings time

While I DESPISE daylight savings time for most reasons now, the one good thing it does is let us play outside after I pick them up from school. It makes me feel a little better about myself as a parents that we went outside and got some real "play" time in. This was Beckett's first afterschool trip to the park and he just watched and laughed and laughed and laughed. Anytime one of the kids moved or jumped or ran it was the funniest thing EVER.

Emmy is getting braver and braver.It's hard to stop her from jumping off the top of the slide when you have a baby in your hand. Not sure how you manage that. Drop the baby to catch the toddler? You have to get good at what I imagine is similar to talking someone off a ledge. Don't jump!!

We got plenty of slide/crazy hair time in.
Beckett even managed to slide a time or two.

Emmy is ready for her little brother to run around and play with her. Until then, he's stuck putting up with stuff like this.

6 month photo shoot

Our favorite photographer wasn't there this month so I got a tad sad. I only had 10 shots to choose from instead of 20. Wah wah! He still cooperated so well! This is his "rockstar" look with his skinny tie and skinny jeans.

His favorite "rockin" position. (You see what Idid there =) )

Sneaky sneaky!