Saturday, April 16, 2011

Emmy Love him!

One of the great things about our new neighboorhood is that they throw big community-wide parties. We missed the Easter Egg hunt but Emmy didn't really care because she was SOOOOO excited to see the Easter Bunny. She said "EEEEAASTTTER BUNNY!!!! Emmy love him! Emmy love him mommy!" She was basically peeing in her pants when we were walking up and then she wouldn't go NEAR him when she finally saw him. This was a super cool Easter bunny that just sat there until the kids were ok with him. She finally got up the nerve and then everything was cool. We basically spent the rest of the party stalking the Easter bunny. We are never going to the mall again!!!!!
This was a pretty cool party for a free neighboorhood party! Emmy got to drive a fire truck! She also got her face painted and played at the park.
We totally failed in our object to meet our neighboors but we crossed having to wait in line at the mall for the expensive crappy picture with the Easter Bunny, so we're calling it a SUCCESS!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

First trip to the Dentist

We took one more big girl step today, Emmy's first trip to the dentist! Can I just say that I wish MY dentist was this cool! The office is painted like a big jungle!

She hopped right up in the chair by herself and got her teeth polished.
Then she got a tatoo, a gigantic sticker, and a goodie bag with a new toothbrush. We waited in the jungle waiting room while she rode the big giantic stuffed animals and watched movies. When the dentist was ready she started off the consultation by, of course, making Emmy a balloon flower. Clown college/dental school combo degree. Emmy showed the dentist how to say "Ahhhhh!)

After the consultation was over she got to pick out another toy! I think she wants to go back tomorrow!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

bluebonnets! eh...

Every year Betsy and I take a short day-trip up to Brenham to take the official bluebonnet picture for the year. We typically go to the same field and it's just FULL of bluebonnets. We had even heard this year that people were skipping the bluebonnets this year because there were so many rattlesnakes hiding in the. Yeah, it would be a REALLY tiny snake to hide in these bluebonnets. LAME! To get over our overall high level of pissiness in having wasted half a day coming to Brenham, we contemplated just taking pictures in the big pile of dead weeds that was evidently what was left of this years bluebonnets. We decided to go drown our wasted road-tip in food and ice cream instead! The BlueBell creamery is now open on Saturdays and they have scoops for $1~ Yum! Emmy ate hers and then mooched off everyone else. At the creamery, we got the inside scoop on a patch of bluebonnets that you could at least fake a picture in. We got excited that maybe the day was saved! eh...Here's Emmy and Caroline saying "Where are the bluebonnets?"

Even these were kind of (ok totally) lame and REALLY itchy. Paired with a gigantic wind and tired and post ice-cream rush little girls, it was a short bluebonnet session. We managed to snag a few.
The best ones they got were of them togehter. While the adults were a little, uh, grouchy, the girls had a GREAT time! At least we have pictures, right?