Friday, November 06, 2009

WILD Child(s)

So we're thinking that our nice Friday night dinners might be a thing of the past. Emmy and Caroline were flat out WILD tonight at dinner when we met the Watson's. (Ok, so it was mainly Emmy) Seth and Aiden sat on the end of the table and politely ate their food, colored, and even said the prayer for us.

Emmy and Caroline did this... Mostly at the same time at the top of their lungs...

Betsy and I also got there a little early, so we ended up hanging out for a while. The girls ended up eating their fair share of Kix and a LOOOOOT of bread. Caroline preferred the Kix to the bread (and I agree) so she decided that she would feed Emmy the bread. We didn't know she knew how to do this, but Emmy seemed to like it and it was the only way she'd eat any food ( I can't imagine that it had anything to do with all the bread) , so we ended up leeting C-Ro feed Emmy her chicken. Hey, whatever it takes.

We're in trouble! It's just going to get more and more interesting (and fun.)

Sunday, November 01, 2009


Lets start with the name of this post. In one of the more memorable moments of the evening, Kathy brought a little known joke to the table not once, but twice. I think it went, "Weenie (Tim and Kathy's dog) was sad this morning. She thought Halloween was Howie (Laura and Sean's dog) and her birthday celebration!" Ba-dum-ching! I think I will remember that for quite some time. Overall, HowieWeenie was a success. How this day has changed. From parties with adult beverages to walking the streets of a Katy neighborhood early in the evening with three kids under the age of 3 getting candy.

Very memorable. Not to mention that Emmy, Abby and Jackson had a paparazzi section that outnumbered them 3 to 1.

We lit up the night with 4-5 cameras and 2 video cameras catching each moment Abby waited patiently for Emmy, who is not as agile and does not quite understand this Halloween thing just yet, and the moments when Emmy, catching on, would grab a piece of candy from the bowl and then make a mad dash for Mom as if she just had gotten away with something amazing!

The girls and little guy were a huge smash amongst the creatures and parents and others criss crossing the neighborhood streets. We did however enjoy other people's take on Emmy's costume. As you are all aware from the pictures we have posted previously, Emmy was a skunk for Halloween. There really is no question. I'm not sure how you could get the black costume with a white stripe lining the back mixed up with any other animal, monster, goblin, Disney character, etc. Those roaming the neighborhood had other ideas. "What a cute bunny!" said one candy giver as we walked Emmy to his door. A bunny? Seriously? "Look at the cute eskimo!" remarked one small girl walking with her parents in the opposite direction down the sidewalk. To which her sister retorted, "Thats not an eskimo, its a horse." The hits just keep on coming.
After about a dozen houses and one cul-de-sac party, Abby proclaimed that she was indeed done with HowieWeenie for another year.

So we grabbed the little one and made the trek back to Megan and Keith's house where we surveyed the haul of candy our young daughter had gotten, but cannot eat.

Little does she know that we intend to utilize her cutness factor for at least two more Halloweens in order to get candy for our own consumption. I don't think she'll care. Heck, just give her a Laffy Taffy with the wrapper still on and she is good for the entire night.

One holiday down, several more to come as we make our way towards Emmy's first Thanksgiving and first Christmas. Each will more than likely be more out of control than the next. She's going to love every second as will Kristen and I. Life sure is changing, for the better.

And to close it off, Blake made me add the pictures, so I'm putting this one at the end.. just becasue it makes me laugh.