Sunday, March 04, 2012

Cinco de Abby

It's hard to believe that the Abs turns 5 in a few days. She's going to school next year, and that is even MORE unbelievable! We celebrated Cinco de Abby this weekend with a fun painting party and dinner with the fam at a Benihana-ish steakhouse. All pictures should be preceded with the fact that Emmy also had a bouncy party that morning and NO nap in between! Emmy concentrated VERY hard on her painting, which you could obviously tell by the tounge. She won't keep that thing in her mouth! Abs blew out her candles like a pro and then promplty chowed down on the "pinkalicious" on the cake. We headed home from the party pretty tired, but decided to keep on going for dinner. The kids had mixed reactions to the bennihana show, but the fire got them everytime no matter who's table it was at. It was a weekend with a lot of partying and tooooo much eating. Put a fork in us!