Sunday, July 05, 2009

Did someone say naked sparkling? It must be the 4th of July!

Hope your 4th turned out better than my very patriotic red velvet cupcakes....

Stay away from the whipped icing people. It's disaster in a plastic can. These were later crumbled into Bluebell for a nice save. We spent the day up at the Lake at my mom's cousin Stacie's gorgeous house. There were a ton of people there inlcuding lots of little kids and tons of teenagers and more cousins than you can count. Mom and Dad rented a jet ski and we took turns blasting around the lake. Guess you can add this to our list of stupid things to do with a six month old...

You can stop calling CPS babies were harmed during the taking of this picture...Emmy did about 65 out there, jumping wakes and doing handstands... :) I made VERY slow turns (think 5 mph) but watch out on the straightaways becasue I hit the big 47!!! For those of you who know my driving skills you will be glad to know that jetskiing involves no stopping so we were all pretty safe =)

Emmy had her own swimming digs that she shared with her fourth (?) cousin Lucy.

We also solved the great mystery of why Emmy won't seem to eat her veggies anymore.

Hmmm, might it be that they just don't taste as good as sand tarts? OR coconut creme pie????
Emmy's Great-great-great- Aunt Ada Beth made her this beautiful quilt! What a spoiled little girl!

For a nice white trash ending, we topped off the day with a little naked sparkling!

Before you get too excited, the rest of us kept our clothes on. Thank goodness. These sparklers cost a big buck and we know why. L_A_M_E!!! Since when are sparklers metal? I don't remeber that. The fact that we did them in the 90 degree heat at 8:30 didn't help either. It gets dark too late for infant sparkling. They had a burn time of about .73 seconds and it was super windy, so we had to light them in the garage and then do a REALLY quick patriotic run to the flag two houses down the street to nab this awesome picture. You were required to sing "I'm proud to be an American" while you ran. You can see, Laura and Sean run faster than we do. All five of Blake's sparked out during the run.

If you were thinking of the song "Redneck Woman" while looking at this picture, it's okay. maybe we can add "I'll stand barefooted with lake hair, in my own front yard, with a naked sparkler box eating baby on my hip..." As usual, Emmy would've rather just had the box...

So we leave you with this little bit of Patriotism... pink and green clash slightly with red, but who cares! Watermelon and the 4th of July don't! Emmy says Happy birthday America!