Friday, January 02, 2015

A little Gobble Gobble

This year we did two separate Turkey Days. One with my family a little early, and one on the actual day with the Vaceks. Mom decided that the kids should make apple turkeys. I figured that this would be like cookie decorating with B. You do the actual decorating while he crams as much of everything in his mouth as fast as he can. I was exactly right. They did turn out pretty cute though. B was finished with this activity in about 2.5 minutes (or when I finally made him stop cramming marshmellows in his mouth) . Clara did just about the same thing.

but Emmy was very specific about her turkey and his feathers. They all are exactly the same if you will notice.

 For Vacek Turkey Day we headed to College Station where Bob and Lynn rented a house for a few days. Everyone piled in for food and fun. Sutton even did her part by sleeping in the pack and play without waking up every ten minutes. We got to take a break and head to the game, which ended up being absolutely terrible.
 The girls did a little Black Friday shopping the next day. But I htink the kids had the most fun. There was some SERIOUS cousin time. Beckett got some boy time in to do boy stuff like throw rocks in the water, run and run and run, and play spiderman/superhero/ninja. He loves being with Jackson and turns into a boy when he's with him. Notice he's doing WHATEVER Jackson is doing in the pics below. They get in a little trouble, but they're having a LOT of fun.
SuSu was like the pied piper leading all of them on runs around the neighboorhood and to the park and lake behind the house. No one managed to fall in the pool or the lake, to get burned on the fire pit, or bit by a snake, so we're calling it a success.

 This is my favorite pic. There's no sutton, but she'll get there soon enough!

Cupcakes: 4 months

At 4 months Sutton is:

  • 15 lbs! We are solidly in 3-6 months and the baby baby clothes are too small. The rolls are here!

  •  Rolled over!
Spitting and spitting

  • Started giving us some giggles! But of course, would never let us get them on camera.
  • Loving to hang out in the bumbo.She would already much rather be upright than laying down.

  • Tried oatmeal and was NOT impressed.


 Found her toes! She immediately grabs them when she is laying down.
Just starting to try out the exersaucer. It's a big hit. She can't do it for very long, but she loves it.
  •  Has really started "talking" Squealing and cooing!Of course, she won't do any of it when she sees a camera, so have to be sneaky about how to get it on video.

  •  chewing on everything. And drooling. I think teething has officially begun!

Still couldn't be happier. She is a great baby, easy to entertain, and just overall happy. She loves her big brother and sister and thinks they are just about the funniest things ever.

Madeline's Christmas

We have a little Christmas tradition going where we take the girls to see the Main street theater Christmas play and then have a little "holiday party". This year it was Madeline's Christmas. The girls love having a "date" to see the play and getting the characters to sign their books after. We like hanging out and having a "date" with the big girls as well =) Emmy and I were regulars for a while, but we haven't been this season. I know she enjoyed the play as we listened to the CD every day for about a month after the play on the way to school in the morning. It's just the right length to listen to almost all of it from our house to school!

Santa! I KNOW HIM!

I've gotten a little lucky in the Santa pics department because two out of the six years we've gotten to take Santa pics, I've had a private event for work where the big guy just happened to show up. That means I don't have to wait in line, and I get to take as many shots as I want. Hooray!
This year, Emmy was finally ok with Santa (just a tense fist there) B has never had a problem, and Sutton seems to be in B's camp. No problem here! B told Santa that he wanted a gun for Christmas... nice.  Santa said he tried to talk him out of the AK47 at least. Not embarrased at all!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Sprinkle for Audrey

We are looking forward to welcoming baby Audrey in January! Amazing that we'll go from three to five kids in such a short amount of time!

We celebrated with a sprinkle at my house in early November. We used the purple as a theme and had fun making lots of tiny appetizers. Planning and crafting for showers is much more fun on maternity leave!