Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beach Bum Weekend

We headed down to the beach this weekend for "Beach Bum Weekend 2011" with friends. The weather was GORGEOUS and we had a great time relaxing and eating WAY too much. Chips... bags and bags of chips.

The sassy factor was VERY high. The girls decided they were beach babes and put thier swimsuits on to head to the beach. There will be NO pictures of the pregnant mommies on this post. BLAH!They couldn't get enough of the water and the sand. Caroline decided to weat this tiara the entire day at the beach. It didn't come off her head.
Poor Seth pretty much got hypothermia last year and unfortunately he's 2 for 2 on hypothermic beach visits. The water was freezing.

Kim's husband Scott is a doctor, so we told Emmy that Dr. Watson was coming. Since our dogs names are Watson and Bogey she said" Yes and Dr. Bogey is coming too."

Too many chips, too little sunscreen, and staying up too late equals a really LONG monday but I think it was worth it!

Party Weekend (Mother's Day Edition)

We partied it up this weekend and we started at Andie Lynn's first birthday party! They had a bounce house and Emmy and Emmy bounced and slid and bounced for about three hours straight. The only breaks Emmy took were to make Collin push them around on the four wheeler

and to harass Lauren's poor great dane Jandy. She would get up in her face and ask him if he wanted to bounce. You can guess that she, of course, did not want to. She politely tried to just walk away, but Emmy followed her whereever she went. Another person that just didn't want to bounce was Kate. She just wasn't feeling it. Here's the big birthday girl with her Mommy and Daddy.
We had a great time relaxing at Laruen's house and getting the chance to chat while we made the boys watch the girls. AH... so nice. =) (But see they were still happy!)

After the party we headed out to party some more. We met my Fam for a celebration of Loo's brithday (she's getting OLD like me!) and Mother's day. Sadly, these are the only pictures at any of the mother's day celebrations.
Thank goodness Loo took some! We finished off Mother's Day with a lunch celebration out (maybe the last one ever) with all four kids with the Vacek's. Thank goodness for Lupe's playground. I am very lucky to have so many Mom's to celebrate =) It's extra special this year since we're about to be adding our new little boy!