Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Like to Move It, Move It... I Like to Wha...

Kristen's parents came over to the house on Sunday evening to deliver the bassinet with a newly sewed custom cover. Thanks Kathy! As we finished dinner, Emmy decided she wanted to treat the four of us to some after dinner entertainment. Dinner and a show if you will. Kristen and I had just taught Emmy earlier in the day the fine art of cheerleader clapping in conjunction with song. So, to take it to the next level, Emmy made a rhyme that not only made us laugh... she could not control her own laughter... I will let you decipher...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Emmy's 1st Princess party

I can't believe that up until this weekend Emmy did not even own a princess dress! Kyla Bruns turned four this weekend and had Rapunzel come to her house to celebrate. Emmy decided that she would be Cinderlla for the party. We got ready and put her hair in a bun and even put on sparkle eyeshadow and lip gloss. I think she makes a beautiful Cinderella.

Here are all the adorable princesses. This party made me so happy that I get to have a little girl. They were all so cute dressed up and when Rapunzel showed up, they couldn't quit giggling. They laughed and laughed and laughed. This is Emmy's friend Brooke from school. About half-way through the princess's performance, they decided that they'd had enough and went and found the playroom. Oh well!She did come back around for a quick picture with Rapunzel, but about two seconds after this she went back to the playroom. (This all makes you wonder why we even pay for birthday parties at all when we could just invite people over and let them play in the playroom and they'd probably be happy. )

Just a Singin....

These are old ( April/May ) but they are too good not to include out of order. (I really wish they would give you a tool to insert posts where they're supposed to go!) Some families have a no singing at the dinner table rule, but sometimes we sing though the entire dinner. That was the case this night when Emmy decided she was in the mood to put on a show. This night the repertoire included the following songs:

The day's of the week song (we call it Fufa Friday)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Mr. Golden Sun

Old McDonald (I oouldn't email the whole video so this is just a clip )

Skida Markina Dinka Dinka (another clip)

The Baby Bear song (This one is from her school songs)

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting Glam andd Going Out

I feel like I've signed up for 700 groupon-type websites or groups. I've pretty much stopped buying them unless they're REALLY good because you can go a little nuts. We bought one off the tidbits and treats website for a "Get Glam" day at the Modern Beauty Company. I thought it would be maybe 30 minutes of rushed makeup and a blow out, but it was SO fun. We treated Cousin Courtney for her birthday! Isn't she beautiful! The team there made it really fun for us, showed us how to put on our makeup with a detailed lesson and even made us each our own custom colored lipstick! She matched our gums, how crazy is that! We had a great time and finished up celebrating Courtney's birthday with a yummy lunch at Ruggles Green.

After getting glamed up (please do not judge the hair below) we headed out for not only restauraunt week, but Megan's 34th birthday with the fam at Antica in the Village. FABULOUS! The only way it would've been better is if i could've partaken of the champagne toast.

Big Sister Class

We want to make becoming a big sister a special experience for Emmy, so we decided to sign her up for the big sister class at the hospital. Her class was full of two to four year olds, just to set the scene. They watched a video on babies and then got to practice "helping" with their new baby sister or brother. They each picked a baby and then got to work learning how to hold the baby, putting diapers on the baby, swaddling the baby ( a skill that I can barely master) and then got a long discusion includeing a toilet paper tube on how to tell if a toy is too small for the baby to play with. Maybe a tad too conceptual with a bunch of two year olds? Needless to say Emmy's favorite part was putting the diaper on and off, on and off, on and off through the majority of the session. She's actually pretty good at it! Since her idea of putting her babies to sleep is smashing them face -down on the floor and covering them entirely with blankets, I think we'll just pretend like we never learned about putting Beckett to bed.
She very patiently sat through the toilet paper tube discussion and proudly "graduated" from her class to get her official big sister shirt. Then we went on a tour and we realized that she thought we were going to get Beckett all along. She kept asking "We're going to see Beckett?" Poor thing was NOT excited about trapsing all over the hospital, but I BET she remebers that the bed goes up and down when she comes to see us in the hopsital. =)

Nursery Rhymes

One of Emmy's favorite things to do is sing. We also like to swing outside after dinner and eat out popsicle for desert. We usually sing Hey Diddle Diddle for some reason and she decided to entertain us with a bunch of other nursery rhymes. As usual she says "Em me see!!" at the end of each one. She likes to watch herself on video better than anything else!

Little Miss Muffet

Humpty Dumpty

Hey Diddle Diddle

Little Bo Beep (and an awesome mosquito bite)