Tuesday, October 04, 2011

First Month Stats

Well, I knew it was too strange to be true..Beckett's head is now in the 75th percentile. I knew there was no way it would stay below average. He's growing everywhere or there was some questionable measuring happening earlier.
Weight: 10 lbs 7 ozs ( 62nd %)
Length: 21.5 inches long ( 49th %)

So he's a chubby short little dude with a growing head =) and he's all mine.

The doctor also gave us some hope around Beckett's zero fun status, reflux. While I'm not excited about this, at least maybe we can make it get better!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Sam turns 1!

This weekend we celebrated Sam's big 1st Bday! She is such a sweet and funny little chunky monkey. Emmy ran and played with her cousins and Beckett (as usual) screamed his head off. I don't know if he'll be invited to the next one!

Poor Sam had a LOT of help digging into her cake.
But she kicked everyone else out pretty quickly and got into it!

The Blur of Weeks 2-4

I think I will look back on these weeks I will remember this..,

ok, a few other things too, but there was (still is) a lot of this. Having two kids is EXPONENTIALLY harder than having one kid. One now feels like a cakewalk. And I'm realizing that perspective is everything. Emmy used to feel like a little girl and now feels like a giant. I USED to think I was tired and now I realize I was nowhere NEAR that. Beckett is a sweet little guy, but faked us out in the chill department. He's not earning many "fun" points, but hopefully this is a phase we'll grow out of (Please!) During the day he's pretty much an angel and we do a lot of this, but at night there's a lot of screaming. He also won't stay asleep unless he's being held. I think the drama must be genetic.

I think we have set the record for most doctor's visits in a three week period. After two doctors and a dentist, we have confirmed that Emmy's mysterious mouth issue was pretty much straight drame. I almost cried at the ENT (literally) when they told me nothing was wrong. Now, at week 4 Emmy's got two ear infections and a sinus infection/chest cold with antibiotics and steroids and is still waking up all night every night. I realized that I went arounf 23 consecutive days with less then 4 hours of sleep. This month has been like one long continuous day sometimes interrputed by few hours laying the dark listening to three people snore and hearing the fan (which will be replaced) clink.

Still, we're managing (with an absurd amount of help from family) and I'm learning that the best way to get used to doing anything is to just do it. I will start having two kids all by myself this week and guess what, I bet this month is about to feel like a cakewalk =)

My favorite things about my little man:

  • When he's going to sleep he makes little smiles, one half smile and then a full really big open mouth (a la Vacek) one. He has a beautiful smile. I can't wait to see it for real.

  • He gives the best shoulder snuggles. When he snuggles you he rubs his hand up and down your arm

  • His toes/feet. They're just cute

  • He's VERY strong. He's already holding up his head really well and is adamant that HE holds it up on your shoulder. Not you. And he WILL head butt you.

  • He has the same open mouth gene that his daddy has. I already have too many pictures of them siting together with their mouths hanging open.

  • He makes CRAZY noises in his sleep. Grunt, squeals, laughs, groans... pretty much all night long.

  • He eats like a pig and has chunked up pretty nicely with all kinds of new rolls and chins.
The list of crazy and cringe-inducing places that I would never have DREAMED of taking Emmy in her first month of life that he has already been to include. I guess that's the life of a second child!

  • a walmart bathroom

  • IKEA

  • Out to eat three times (once with a band so loud we needed earplugs)

  • four different germy doctor's offices and a dentist office

  • the beach

  • Daycare (just to drop Emmy off....but still!)

Emmy loves her little brother. She call him "Little Bucky". She's also found a new love for diapering. EVERYTHING gets a diaper.

She's still pretty needy on Mommy time and like all little kids, wants to be right up in his face and poke his eyeballs, but she loves him. We're leaning how to mulitask play with her.
Everynight before she goes to bed she says goodnight to him and on her own with no prompting says "I love you Little Bucky." That about melts my heart. I love my sweet little family. Look at this cuteness... It's all worth it!

Cupcakes! One Month

Continuing our tradion, we celebrated Becket's first monthday with a pumpkin cupcake... like his Sister, he wasn't really all that excited about it... ok, he screamed his head off. We are coming to learn that Beckett HATES pictures. HATES.