Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kate's Painting Party

We ran home from Vancouver and headed down to Port Neches for Kate's big painting party. The girls were so cute all dressed in their bright colors that these are the most adorable photos.

 They all got down to business and focused on creating their masterpieces.
 Emmy and Caroline decided to paint the same flowers. We always laugh that they are so different and in true Emmy fashion, she was the first one finished in about 10 minutes, and Caroline was the VERY last one finished, and it looked fantastic.
 You can see the finished product here.
 And all the masterpieces.
The girls always have fun when they get together, and we were so glad we got to come celebrate with sweet Kate. 

My Lucky Charms

Another tshirt holiday, but they're too cute to resist!
 (and B fell AGAIN, in the same spot on the concrete. Hopefully we're not working towards a huge scar there! )