Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving! (spoiler: the kids don't care (again))

Attempt number 3 for me at FUN! Halloween activities that no one seems to care about. I decided that yes, we were going to carve pumpkins. Emmy took one look at the pumpkin guts and said.. no way. 

B stuck his hand in once to retrieve his spoon, and after that she and B took turns putting acorns in a bowl while Blake and I carved the pumpkin.

 They wouldn't even take pictures. Seriously people! I give up! 

Trunk or Treat

We decided to go ahead and brave Trunk or Treat again this year. Last year it was fun, but TOO chaotic and claustrophobic. Even though B was coughing up a lung and it was about 90 degrees I stuffed him in his monkey suit. Look how CUTE! 

And we gave my first and ONLY attempt at a homemade costume a trial run. Emmy is a butterfly this year and within two second she declared it "itchy" and told me she wasn't wearing it anymore. This seems to be a recurrent theme. Maybe she'll be a 4 year old next year and wear her regular clothes. At least she looks beautiful!
GiGi continued the tradition and made 
adorable bags for both of them that coordinated with their costumes. 

Emmy pretty much zombied through each and every game. She said she had fun, but I think that maybe the crowd was a little overwhelming. Once B got this bag of goldfish, he was done. 

 He had zero interest in taking monkey pumpkin pics.

 So he just hung out for the rest of the night.

 Emmy was happy with her candy haul and the monkey kept his hat on for almost the entire evening so we'll call it a success!

Sam is 2!

Sam had a big bouncy party this weekend to celebrate her turning 2! Blake is getting really great at taking pics, so thought I'd highlight a few great ones from the party.

And the pumpkins continue...

Last year Emmy had a great time painting pink and purple sparkly pumpkins. I thought B might be able to participate this year so I told everyone to get naked. B took this literally. He looked at us, popped off his diaper, and walked over and threw it in the trash!!! This boy is all about the show!! Surely he didn't understand what I said, but MAN does he have good timing!

So after we put diapers back, we got everything covered in plastic and got ready to paint! Blake told me I was nuts. 

Emmy was really into blue this year, so and Beckett actually got the brush and painted a few strokes! 

It looked like it was all going to work, and boy was I smug, until he stuck the paintbrush in his mouth and started sucking. So then Emmy and I painted pumpkins...

We ended up with a starry night pumpkin a earth pumpkin and two other very blue ones. She was pretty proud of her masterpieces and she displayed them through the yard, like literally in random places all over the front yard. Whatever the master wants!