Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ducks and Dirt

We tried to take advantage of the nice weather in Houston this week and take a trip to meet the cousins at the park. I've learned that you have to be either REALLY good friends or family to hang out with two kids because most of the time you end up chasing the kids and when you have a second to start a conversation you end up just sitting there in silence because you're too tired to start thinking and talking at the same time. This is even more true when there's three!!! We also learned NOT to go to the mall with three kids, but that's a different story!
Terry Hershey park has a big lake with ducks (and a few vultures.. blah) These ducks are pretty uncooperative though. They wouldn't even come over to eat the bread! Have you ever seen a duck that didn't eat bread? Even though they had attitude, Abby had a great time trying to get them to come over.
As you can see from Emmy's Superpeepawface, she was really pretty uninterested in the ducks. What she was interested in was the dirt. LOVED IT! She even managed to grab a HUGE handful of it and get it in her mouth before I could make it over to her. At that point I figured there was nothing much I can do so I just gave her some water to wash it down. Yes, another line for my "Mother of the Year" application =)

After dealing with the diva ducks, we headed over to the playground for a little swinging and sliding. As you can see, Emmy was about as impressed with the sliding as the ducks, but swinging was ok!Abby is such a big girl now, and she's speaking in real sentences. All day long she kept saying "That's MY cousin!" She couldn't quite understand why Emmy wouldn't just run around with her. They're going to have so much fun running around together in a few more months.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's official!

We finally got it on camera!!! She's started forgetting that she needs to hold on and will just walk off into the middle of the room before she falls down. Then of course she look around for everyone to clap for her. We're so proud!! It's the most amazing thing to see my little bitty baby girl standing int he middle of the room. In another week she'll be running!

Rolling Right Along... Emmy Bear is 9 mo old!

It's getting harder and harder to keep the cupcakes away from her. These has super potent hot pink icing so it was a quick photoshoot!