Sunday, July 05, 2015

My Funny Valentines

We are having a Pinterest Valentine's day for school this year. The kids actually did some Pinteresting and picked what they wanted.  B went with the "wheelie" like you care... which is even cuter because that's actually how he says it! 

He drew the B's on the hearts himself. There are about three good ones and then he just sharpied all over his shirt. 

Emmy decided she wanted to make a word search of all her friends in her class. She actually made the word search herself... and chewed out my computer the whole time.. "what is it doing...WHAT IS IT DOING!!!" I think they turned out really cute!

B even made his own Truck Valentine's box, like legitimately made all the pieces. He was pretty proud, and it looked REALLY good!
 and you know I did a last minute, crap there's a party tomorrow target run and it turned out pretty cute I think!

Everyone sported their custom
GiGi creations. What we learned in this process is that stair pictures are not necessarily a great idea.

When everyone got home from school, we did our traditional scavenger hunt. They had a great time running from clue to clue. It's different now that Emmy can read the clues! It's starting to go so fast we have to plant some "empty clues" in there to keep them moving or it's over in 2 minutes!

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