Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Audrey is here!

And just that that, somehow it was already time for Audrey to be born! That went really fast. 

This crazy girl was really living it up in the waiting room.
And here she is! Sweet precious girl. She was big and alert, already opening her eyes in her first few hours.

and here she is all dressed up to head home! 

 It's amazing that now with Audrey here, there probably won't be any more babies. Just like that, it's done! A phase of life is ending. (note: i personally do not need any more, but I always welcome other people to have them!) We'll be cleaning out little baby girl and boy clothes and getting rid of the exersaucer and swing. I'm happy that they have lots of cousins to play with on both sides and that they are close in age. It should be a wild ride!

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